July 5, 2016

HRC refuses to investigate woman who called for genocide of white South Africans

Here is another one of those cases where blacks call for the genocide of whites in SA and the HRC ignores it. Actually I don't mind it when blacks do this. Let them speak. Let us see what is really on their minds. What gets me down is the onesidedness of the authorities when it Comes to investigating such hate speech. . .

By Mike Smith
4th of July 2016

Two years ago in July 2014, a black woman known as Palesa Sotjifa, asked the EFF to “kill 500 white people for us”. 

No investigation has been done into her yet. 

She kicked off her tweets with “They were supposed to stop them there and there and kill all of them. We would be having a whites free country.” 

Most blacks supported her in the hashtag #HandsOffPalesa saying blacks cannot be racists. 

One ignorant idiot called @ActivistAfrica said “blacks cannot be racists until they show us history where whites were slaves of blacks”.

Uuuhhhmmm…ever read, “Christian Slaves, Muslim masters, White slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy, 1500-1800” by Robert C. Davies? Ever read, “They were white and they were slaves, the untold history of the enslavement of whites in early America”, by Michael A. Hoffman II?

Tja…It’s what happens when you burn down schools. You remain an ignorant doos for the rest of your life.

Sorry, I’m digressing.

Gail Smith, spokesperson of the hypocritical and one-eyed HRC, said they are aware of the tweets, but will not investigate, because they haven’t received a formal complaint about it yet.

Yes Gail. If it was a white person who said something about blacks he/she would have been hung drawn and quartered by now.

Here is a tip Gail. If you want to be taken seriously about combating racism, then at least be consistent across the races before someone mistakes you for the hypocrite that you are. You can start with your president (not mine) Jacob Zuma who said all South Africa's Problems started when Jan van Riebeeck arrived at the Cape in 1652 and still calls whites “Raping dogs” and tell people to shoot the white people in his favourite song “Dubula Ibhunu that was banned in 2012

"Dubul' ibhunu (Shoot the boer) ... Mama, ndiyekendiDubul' ibhunu (Ma, let me shoot the Boer)... Ziyareypalezinja (These dogs rape)

Palesa Sotjifa