June 23, 2016

Tongaat #FarmAttack: UPDATE: One of the two black attacker caught after Simon Shepherd was attacked in his home on his farm in Upper Tongaat

GENOCIDE ATTACKER: The man in the orange t-shirt is the suspect who has been caught by Alpha Security and Umhlali Police. The arrested attacker was found in possession of Simon’s stolen phone and firearm
GENOCIDE VICTIM: Simon was beaten with a cane knife
The brutal attack took place in the farmer, Simon Shepherd’s, home, leaving him with five broken ribs, a gash to head and multiple wounds.
He is in ICU at Alberlito Hospital in Ballito.
One of the two men who is believed to have attacked the 80-year old farmer at Misty Ridge farm in Upper Tongaat on Sunday, was caught today by Alpha Security and Umhlali police.

Alpha Security area manager, Rex Hunt said the man was caught after they received a tip-off.

”We managed to arrest one man, but the other man fled. We are still searching for him,” said Hunt.

Umhlali SAPS spokesperson, Vinny Pillay said the suspect had been caught with incriminating evidence.

“He had in his possession Simon’s stolen phone and firearm.

“He is being detained at the station.”

Pillay said more information will be released after further police investigation.

Simon’s granddaughter, Meghan Shepherd said that her grandfather’s condition is slowly improving.

“He should be released from ICU in a few days, however, he will be in hospital for months.”