June 30, 2016

#FarmMurder: VIDEO: The elderly man was found on Tuesday afternoon with his throat slit with a piece of glass in his Pomona home


Dirk Fivaz (79)
His throat was slit. His face, neck and chest were covered in blood and the jersey he wore was half-way up his torso, revealing his belly.
Fivaz lived on one of four plots he owned on EP Malan Street in Pomona



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’n Bejaarde man van Kempton Park is Dinsdag dood in sy huis gevind met ’n afgesnyde keel, sowat 20 steekwonde en veelvuldige kopbeserings.

Dirk Fivaz (79) se huiswerker het Dinsdag omstreeks 13:00 op sy lyk afgekom. Sy het hom in ’n slaapkamer gevind.

Volgens kapt. Jethro Mtshali, polisiewoordvoerder, was die huiswerker weg, en toe sy terugkom, was Fivaz dood.

Daar woon glo baie huurders op die erf.

Sover vasgestel kan word is niks uit die huis gesteel nie.

“Die motief vir die moord is nog ’n raaisel,” sĂȘ Mtshali.

Niemand is nog in hegtenis geneem nie.

Fivaz word oorleef deur sy twee dogters, Charmaine en Engela.


Holding a tray containing her boss’s lunch, Diana Kekana casually strolled up the stairs and into the dim passageway that leads to the master bedroom, where she would give him his lunch.

However, Kekana was not prepared for what she would find behind the closed door on Tuesday afternoon.

After knocking several times with no answer, she opened the bedroom door to make a gruesome discovery.

She found Dirk Fivaz’s (79) body on the floor. He was facing up, his legs in the direction of the door and his head next to the dressing table against a wall.

His throat was slit. His face, neck and chest were covered in blood and the jersey he wore was half-way up his torso, revealing his belly.

Kekana spoke to Kempton Express about the murder of her employer on Wednesday afternoon.

“As soon as I saw him lying there, I was hit with a feeling of panic and confusion at the same time. I ran downstairs to put his food down, then ran outside to ask one of the tenants for his youngest daughter Charmaine’s number, but they didn’t have it. They instead called for the ambulance in the meantime.”

Fivaz lives on one of four plots he owns on EP Malan Street in Pomona. The rest of the land he rented out to tenants who either lived there or ran businesses.

Remembering the notebook with the family’s contact details in Fivaz’s room, Kekana went back upstairs to check for his daughters’ numbers. “I found Charmaine’s number and contacted her.”

CMS Security, paramedics, police and Charmaine arrived a short while later.

The bedroom was immediately cordoned off and the forensics department was called to the scene to conduct investigations. The body was finally taken away at about 8pm that night.

Kempton SAPS spokesperson, Capt Jethro Mtshali, confirmed detectives are investigating a case of murder. “At the moment no one has been arrested and the motive of the murder is unknown. Investigations continue,” he confirmed.

Although it has not been determined yet what was used to kill the elderly man, family and friends suspect a piece of glass broken off the dressing table was used as a murder weapon.