June 7, 2016

#ATTACK: Woman taken to hospital after being attacked & assaulted numerous times by two black attackers at home in Bakerton

The two robbers broke down the kitchen door to gain entry to the house in Primrose Street, Bakerton. Capt Johannes Ramphora, Springs police spokesman, says the woman heard a noise and was approached by the two robbers, who assaulted her numerous times. "She started to scream, but her screams didn't deter the robbers," he says. The two robbers instructed her to keep quiet and one of them fired a shot through the window of the bedroom. Ramphora says the robbers left the woman in her bedroom and went to another bedroom where they found a teenager and pointed their guns at him. When the robbers heard the neighbours approaching the house, they took the teenager's cellphone and ran away. The neighbours alerted the police and called for an ambulance who took the woman to a nearby hospital for treatment.