June 20, 2016

#ATTACK: Family attacked by armed black attackers dressed in military uniform at home in the east of Pretoria

A resident in the east of Pretoria is furious at the increasing level of armed robberies in her area and advised residents to be vigilant as robbers may be targeting their neighbourhood.

This after two armed robberies were recently reported in a week in Waterkloof.

A Waterkloof resident ‘Jenny’ said it was after two armed robberies took place on Milner Street that she wanted to warn residents to be wary.

She said five armed men robbed a family of five while they were having dinner in her street.

“The men took valuables and cash,” said Jenny.

The men lifted the electronic gate off its rail and made their way into the residence around 19:45 on 31 March.

The armed robbers dressed in military uniform, found the family having supper and demanded valuables, she said.

Jenny said she was woken by the several shots fired.

“I remember dogs barking anxiously just before the rapid gun fire.”

She said the men demanded keys to the family’s two vehicles, but fled when they heard police sirens.

A week later another residence was targeting by armed men.

“This is cause for alarm,” said Jenny.

She said police were on patrol but more efforts needed to be done by the residents.

“I would simply like to inform everyone of these robberies as these criminals are fast becoming arrogant.  These robbers may even come into your home while the entire family is there,” she said.

Police were still to confirm the armed robberies at time of publishing.