June 15, 2016

#ATTACK: Elderly La Lucia resident was attacked by a unknown number of black attackers who broke the security gate while the elderly woman, who is hearing impaired, was asleep

A HEARING-impaired elderly resident was was robbed by a gang at her home in La Lucia. The incident occurred at about 4am on Tuesday, said Marshall Security’s Kyle van Reenen. Her hysterical screams alerted another resident, who pressed the panic button.

“We received a panic notification from a client in a residential complex in Belmont Gardens, stating that she could hear screaming coming from the residence next to hers. On arrival it was discovered that forced entry had been gained into the home by an unknown number of suspects who broke the security gate while the elderly resident, who is hearing impaired, was asleep.

“The homeowner reported that she awoke during the night to find that her flat-screen television had been stolen as along with various items from her bedroom draws as well as her handbag containing bank cards and an unknown amount of cash,” he said.