June 15, 2016

#ATTACK: Attempted Murder: Man attacked by 4 armed black attackers. 2 shots were fired at the victim, one grazed his stomach & one went through his right upper leg / hip

One attacker was caught, 3 still at large!
Armed Robbery & att murder: Rigel str Symhurst. Client arrived from the bank, parked in the street and went inside. A white sedan stopped behind the clients vehicle and drove off again. A contractor also arrived and stopped in front of the clients vehicle and went inside. The same vehicle arrived again from the opposite direction and parked a distance away. 4 males jumped out and ran to the house. One stayed outside by the gate and 3 went in and confronted the clients. They took cash from the client and from the contractor they took his cell phone, wallet with and his vehicle keys for a Tata bakkie  and one of his workers wallets. One of the suspects fired 2 shots at the client one grazed his stomach and one went through his right upper leg / hip. Suspects then ran out jumped into the vehicle and sped off. While on scene the phone was tracked and showed it was next to the N12 by the Rondebolt on ramp. CMS proceeded there and searched the veld while the control room phoned the number. We managed the find one suspect sitting between the reeds with the phone in his hands, we also found on him the 2 wallets that were taken with the contractors driver license, bank cards. Detectives from Primrose saps arrived and arrested the suspect.

Amazing work by the CMS Patrolmen!