June 5, 2016

#ATTACK: Afrikaner residents terrorised, threatened with murder 24-hour riot by black mob in Swartruggens:

White residents were terrorised, threatened with murder and forced to stay indoors by black rioters in their historic Boer Republican town, which was founded in 1873...
"They are destroying our beautiful little town' longtime Afrikaner residents of Swartruggens under siege from black mobs rioting from 7am and through the night: 3 June 2016. The town of Swartruggens has a 53% majority-Afrikaans population of 1,600 people in total. All day yesterday and throughout the night, the white residents were terrorised, threatened with murder and forced to stay indoors by black rioters in their historic Boer Republican town, which was founded in 1873. 

In these well-organised riots, groups of black mobs started closing down the freeways and blocking access to the toll road plaza located on the N4 turnpike adjacent to the small Boer town. 

The Afrikaner residents were threatened by the black mobs that they would be murdered if they dared to go near the toll plaza. The residents/volunteer groups posted overnight guards, the mothers had to protect their homes and rushed to fetch their children from a church prayer group near the toll plaza during the many hours and night of rioting which were conducted by coordinated, seperate groups of organised black mobs who put the N1 and N4 highways under siege at the Swartruggens Toll Plaza. Inside town, the mob had guard-posts for instanc ein front of the post office to stop the Afrikaner residents from moving around. The mob blocked the bridge across the highway with a large truck and blocked the residents from leaving their own driveways with their cars. The Afrikaner residents have long been organised into all-night alert groups manned by volunteers and connected with a Whatsapp and radio-warnings from self-defence patrol groups hroughout the Rustenburg/Swartruggens/Brits areas. The toll plaza has become the frequent targets of 'protestors' against a large variety of 'causes' such as the water-shortages, opposition to toll roads, and in this case, black protestors from the towns of Modderspruit and Tornado protesting against the ANC-regime's forced demarcation into the Rustenburg voting district. 
3 June 2016 Security alerts from local crime-fighting citizens' groups:
"Crime Spotter Rustenburg Ward 16: "Problems flare up at Bapong as well.
‪Bakwena, N1 and N4‬ Toll Plaza Protest Action: The N4 has been closed down through the town of Swartruggens.
Avoid and use alternative routes. 

3 June 2016: From 07H24AM, Crime Spotters Rustenburg Ward 16 volunteers issued alerts to residents as follows: 
"Security alert: 'Due to violent community protests around the Modderspruit/Tornado areas overnight, the South African police have closed the following roads:
1. N4 Highway, both directions, at Bapong Swartruggens:
2. . R104 (the old Pretoria/Hartbeespoort road through Majakaneng)
3. Sun City road through Bapong and Tornado
Employees may use the Brits/Sonop Road onto Haulmore Road to reach the platinum mine.
All roads from Rustenburg to the mine are not affected.

Boere Krisis Aksie 's more than 152,000 members also kept track of the rioting in Swartruggens:

Some of the messages from its members in Swartruggens: 

3 June 2016 Mrs Ruandi Faber of Swartruggens wrote on the Boere Krisis Aksie self-defence facebook group: 'I have never been as scared as I was tonight. They (the black protestors) tried to block us in with their cars at the garage, and just as we drove across the bridge (across the highway) a huge truck stopped in the middle of the road - if we hadn't pushed harder on the accelerator to get past, he would have blocked us in. Then one of them tried to throw a wooden pallet beneath our bakkie. I have never felt as scared and helpless in my life. They might appear 'calm' but the later it gets, the nastier it gets. May God be with us'. 
Mrs Virginia Botes wrote: I live in Swartruggens: they now are moving on the main road on the Rustenburg side, the music still is deafening and if the police weren't there they would get out of control and start burning things. Pray for our safety because they threatened to kill us if we get too close.
Our children were at the church (for the youth prayer meeting) and I had to go there to fetch my child from church. God will protect us and keep us safe through the night until they have burnt and destroyed enough. But tonight is just the beginning, their demands are always given in to.' 
Mrs Kathleen Pretorius: The police is monitoring, but the mob is still burning tyres, burning palettes, one cannot get into town. They are destroying our beautiful little town.'
Mrs Nicolene Fuls: At their pit-stop in front of the post office is another 'Bring and Braai' and on the bridge there's also a group of demonstrators, but no police
Mr Phillip Roos: "Police cannot keep them under control, the police just stands and watches... and moving backwards away from the mob more and more...