June 9, 2016

300 black South African firefighters go on strike in Canada

"The embarrassing (and probably expensive) adventure by the firefighters are cut short ,and sent home" - Henri LeRiche

South African firefighters leaving Alberta after strike over pay...

The firefighters did not work on Wednesday over the dispute...
Three hundred South African firefighters on loan to Alberta will be packing up and leaving after only a week on the job, following a strike over the terms of their payment.
The South Africans' organization, Working on Fire, said in a statement on Thursday that its crews will be "demobilized" from Alberta, and that members of senior management have been sent to Canada "to address the firefighters' concerns."
According to a Globe and Mail report, several members of the firefighting team met with a South African official to discuss terms of their payment on Tuesday, at which point it was made clear that 70 per cent of their daily stipend would be withheld until they returned home. The next morning, all 300 firefighters refused to work.
On Thursday, Working on Fire sought to address "confusion" around payment of its workers, by providing details of the agreement they signed.
According to Working on Fire, all firefighters are slated to earn their "normal stipend" as members of the country's public works department, including overtime beyond eight hours each day. In addition, they are to be paid a total of $50 per day in the Rand equivalent of Canadian funds - $15 per day while they are in Canada, and another $35 for each day worked, after returning to South Africa.
"This was discussed with firefighters before their departure to Canada and everyone signed this agreement," the Working on Fire statement said.
"We want to emphasize the intended beneficial experience of this deployment for these young South Africans," the organization said.
The Alberta government is not part of the pay dispute, provincial spokesperson Renato Gandia said.
"We have a contract with the South African government based on a rate per day per firefighter," Gandia said in a statement to CTV News. "We're paying that rate. It is our understanding these firefighters are being paid what they agreed to before they arrived but if there is a disagreement here, it's between the firefighters and their employer, not with the Government of Alberta."
The dispute has put a premature end to the South Africans' deployment in Alberta, which started with much fanfare when they arrived at the airport in Edmonton on May 29. The firefighters sang and danced on their first day in Canada.
"I'm kind of excited," South African firefighter M.J. Letwaba said at the time. "I'm going to learn new stuff."


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