May 25, 2016


The local metro police (old times traffic cops)– today are becoming increasing arrogant and racist. The abuse of power by these municipal villains sometimes boggles the mind. Many reports already surfaced where these municipal thugs hid behind their badges to assault, abuse , damage and bad-mouth the public- especially the Johannesburg metro police. One such case hit the social media again:
Article by White Nation Network:

Sez a white blogger:
” I just had the most unnecessary altercation with the Metro Police. Upon turning onto NASREC Road, just off the M1 south I experienced something I did not expect. I had a metro cop by the name of B.Musi 49512KY9savagely attack and forcefully remove a number plate off the vehicle which I was traveling in. This lady blatantly refused to explain what the exact nature of the infringement was and how the license plate did not comply. She just hacked off the plate with a screw driver– scratching the body paint and used several intimidation tactics (raising her hand towards my face – as though preparing to strike me). Guys come on-  if something is wrong are these officers not meant to explain the issuefirst-  then issue a fine along with remedial action? As oppose to scaring road users into submission and acting like thugs in uniform?? Attached is the officers picture. I don’t feel it’s right for people in uniform to treat us like garbage and speak to us as they wish all because “they know the law” Given there are many a Neanderthals on the road who deserve a stern hand but what happened to common courtesy and general respect? Such behavior cannot be tolerated all because people carry guns and threaten to lock us up for asking WHY?

”   I have on two occasions been pulled over and without any proper introductions or reasoning, I had a full body search and a full vehicle search for narcotics, even though I would say I don’t have any, both times I was told to show under the belt, I’ve seen the videos, I know what can happen… with a gun on the guy giving me orders I best do what he says… I’m so tired of our country’s police services.”
“I just came back from South Africa spend 2 weeks there . I hired a car at Johannesburg Airport and as I got on the Johannesburg -Durban Freeway I was pulled over it was total chaos black traffic officers were running on the freeway stopping and pulling over cars how they knew who was driving at what speed, I can not work out and also not got hit by a fast moving BMW,Benz or a Audi . But any way I was told I was speeding still do not know what speed I was doing, on presenting my Australian drivers license and he also noticed I am driving a hired car he got very agro and demanded a Spot fine because his reason was I have no address in SA to send the fine to and I wll leave the country not paying the fine. I was in no mood to get into a confrontation with him especially with his attitude and his fire arm on him I decided to rather pay the fine-,luckily I had enough cash on me .I have being back home in Oz now for a couple of weeks and just got a invoice on e-mail from First Car hire for a outstanding traffic speed fine in SA ,He made me pay a spot fine and also send a fine to First Car hire putting the spot fine money in his pocket and covering himself by sending the fine to First Car Hire.”
“Thursday the 19th of May 2016 was one of the most embarrassing days of my young life. 
I was pulled over at an unmarked ‘routine drug check’ road block at 8:20 AM on the N2 in the western cape, Knysna town. I found it quite strange that there were no cones or actual traffic officers at this road block, just 2 police vehicles and 4/5 police officers (if memory serves me correctly). I wish i could remember the exact numbers but fear does a funny thing with memory. I was told to pull over, which I did. The two cars behind me stopped but were then let go. 
I was greeted and immediately asked if i had any drugs on me. I answered truthfully and honestly, ”No”. He then asked me if they could search my car. (Note* Not one of the officers introduced themselves, or official documents to me) I mentioned the fact that they were supposed to show me papers and all I got in return was, ”Yes, we have all the papers.” Confused, and scared, I allowed them to search my car, in public, on the N2 ,for all passer byes to see, and not to mention, 12 workers across the road. 
Okay, so here is where i start to get real with you, my fellow tax payer…
They found one of the most commonly naturally grown mushrooms in my cubbyhole from a harvest I had done on Sunday, (with which i made the most amazing gnocci ). When they pulled the mushrooms out I had really hoped that the grown, South African men in our police force would have the ability to differentiate between hallucinogenic mushrooms and a non-hallucinogenic mushrooms. I had physical evidence on my cell phone (in my google search history) to prove to them that they were in fact pine ring mushrooms. I was denied the opportunity to show them this evidence. I was then asked to open my hand bag. I replied with ‘I know as a fact that I need a woman officer here with me’ I was looked at with raised eyebrows. Scared they would get upset with me for talking back, or demanding a female officer I allowed them to look while I emptied my bag in which nothing was found. They then chatted among themselves and decided they were going to take me to the Knysna Police station where I would get a full body strip search by a women, (understandable as they aren’t allowed to search my person).
One officer drove with me and he was quite nice. He asked me a few questions and I answered mindfully and tactfully as not to get myself into unnecessary trouble due to emotions running through my body and mind. There was one cop, who, every time I looked at him, he would be staring at me with fire eyes. His attitude instilled so much fear in me, I then later found out that he was the warrant officer of narcotics. Apparently he is the big man running the drug trafficking operation here in the Western Cape, and has quite a stinky attitude attached to him. I felt cheated out of important information at that time. Any way, we get to the station, its 8:35 AM, I have to get to work at 9. The warrant officer then wanted to do another full car search at the station which I found was extremely unnecessary, seeing as they had already done it on the N2. For times sake and thanks to the other officer the search was cancelled. Im taken to a rectangular shaped room with 2 doors. One was a door way with no door or coverage and you could see directly into the reception area of the station, and the other had a door, which was next to a cupboard. I was told to stand between the door and the cupboard, and that’s where she searched me. (The lady officer was nice to me though, she introduced herself and asked me in a very kind manner to remove my clothing. However, I still  didn’t feel safe in that situation, if anyone had walked into the room through that other door they would have seen me with my pants and underwear on the floor. Everything was fine until the other woman in the room added, after being told to squat, and jump i should ‘push’.  This was the last straw. I then asked her if she would like to put her finger up there, just to make sure. Only then with a surprised look on her face did she tell me I can go. I have heard of people getting stripped searched but to be told to push while jumping and squatting is a little too much, for my personal privacy at least. I was mortified. Not only did the police embarrass me in front of passer byes as well as workers on the N2 but they embarrassed me while i had my pants and underwear on the floor! 
Then I was taken upstairs to a room where they then took photocopies of my ID and my drivers licence. (Which I’m sure wasn’t necessary unless I was being arrested or guilty) The edible non-hallucinogenic where placed into a plastic evidence bag. It was sealed and the officer said ‘See, its sealed, nothing can go in or out’. However, there was a crumple made by the seal and plastic being wrongly placed in the left corner, I asked if i could take a picture of it and was told yes, then no. Shortly after that i was told that it would take them 3 months to test the mushrooms despite physical evidence to prove other wise. I was  then let go.
My frustration lies with the fact that they didn’t show me documents or introduce themselves at the road block, they took me to the station for non-hallucinogenic mushrooms and that the police force of South Africa would rather spend tax payers money on testing edible mushrooms than actually busting major drug operations, like tik, heroine and cocaine. My frustration lies with their ignorance and little known information on the drugs they are actually searching for. My frustration lies with the fact that they publicly humiliated me on a national road. My frustration lies with the fact that not even the women officer, no matter how nice she was didn’t have the decency to move me to a fully enclosed room with 0 possibility of someone walking in. I am frustrated at the fact that they invaded my personal space (my car, handbag and my nether regions.)
But, my deepest frustration and anger lies with the fact that when we the people actually need your ‘service’ you are no where to be found! 
A question to you, SAPS…
When you made that decision to become an officer of the law, did you make it with the PURE INTENTION OF PROTECTING THE PEOPLE? If so, where were you when Franziska Blöchliger’s body was being raped and murdered in Tokai forest? Where were you when Sinoxolo Mafevuka was being raped and murdered in a communal toilet four minutes from her home in Khayelitsha’s SST Section? Where were you when Chad Barron was hijacked and murdered in Strandfontein? Were you at some unmarked roadblock looking for 22 year old females with drugs at 8:20 AM? 
Logically we are paying the state to protect us but instead we are left with fear! This whole experience has opened my eyes to the backward mentality of this country and more so close to home, this province. I will add that I am now making it my duty to know MY RIGHTS AT A ROAD BLOCK. I felt harassed and victimized. However, those are temporary emotions. I have a more permanent one right now, and that is frustration. 
Born in 1994 I would expect 22 years on our police officers can tell the difference between the common pine ring mushroom and actual illegal mushrooms! I also expect, essentially with the crime rates as high as they are, that the DA/ANC and every other political party would focus more on the real crime and real drugs like tik, heroine and cocaine! 
The constitution says that I am entitled to freedom of speech, so this is my rant. 
I want change! That’s only going to start with me. So my first step to avoid and deflect police bullying, is to study and KNOW MY RIGHTS! “


BringBackTheWhitePeople: 96 percent of all the so-named 'White" South Africans are barred from the job-market in South Africa under the ANC's more than 115 anti-white racelaws. Afrikaner children, children, pensioners and adults suffer from this deliberate policy of barring their wage-earners from jobs, and many of these families hide themselves away in tiny squatter camps in South Africa. They have no right to work, no rights to earning an income and no rights to get food-aid from charities: we are in desperate need of donations for food, vegetables, clothing, baby clothes, medicine, blankets and tents. The ANC government does not help: in fact the ANC-regime has also made laws which prohibit private and public charities and donor-charities from helping whites If they do, the ANC will cancel their non-profit registration with the government. More than 15-million black poor people get help from the government and from private charities in South Africa. But only very few charities dare to donate to help these Afrikaner squatters because of their fear of this law. Foreign charities and private donors are free to chose where they can send their money and their aid in South Africa This is a very desperate situation please help. We need assistance