April 3, 2016

VIDEO: Violent mystery death: Afrikaner Navy cadet Gerald Gouws 23, burnt to death in deliberately set metrorail fire, Fish Hoek

Violent mystery death: Navy cadet Gerald Gouws, 23, burnt to death in deliberately torched metrorail train from Fishhoek to Simon's Town 21 January 2016.
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Video of fire: 

After Navy cadet Gerald Gouws was reported missing on 23 January 2016 after he had 'failed to return from leave' at Simon's Town navy base, it was determined that he was the mystery-man who had burned to death in a mystery-fire on a metrotrain from Fishhoek to Simonstown on 21 January 2016.
According to an Eye Witness News report on 21 January 2016, a fierce fire had been deliberately set in a metrorail carriage that day - but EWN claimed that there had been no casualties.
However now Maroela Media has reported on Wednesday 30 March 2016 that the navy cadet's father Werner told Maroela Media about his son's 'mystery disappearance.' 
He and his wife Theresa had last spoken to their son by phone on 20 January around 19h00 from Uitenhage. 
Three days the father received a phone call from the Simonstown naval base, saying that Gerald had not returned to the base after he had had time off. 
They reported him missing and also 'absent without leave'. And that's where the matter remained. 
No efforts were made to trace the missing young Afrikaner from Uitenhage. There were no tidings from their son, no transactions on his bank account nor any activities on his cellphone. 
Father Werner decided to go to Cape Town himself to try and find Gerald, spreading 350 placards in public places around town and on the social media before going back to Uitenhage. 
'Somebody recognised him from the posters and said they had seen him get on a train on 21 January 2016 near the Fishhoek railway station enroute to Simonstown.'
That day a fire had spread from the front carriage to a second carriage of the moving metrorail train - and had led to a veld fire. Firefighters found a charred body, unrecognisably burnt. Nobody else was injured in the fire. Eyewitnesses had told police that they had seen a white man as the only passenger in the front railway carriage. Dad Werner was asked to go to Cape Town on 14 March 2016 for DNA tests - and the next day the dead man was identified as son Gerald.
Werner said Gerald was found lying on his stomach with his hand stretched towards the door between the two carriages. It's still being investigated exactly how he died, but it is suspected that the roof may have collapsed and pinned him down,' said the father.
Nobody knows how the fire was started. The SA Navy is planning to hold a commemorative service for their cadet. Gerald will be buried in Uitenhage. 
An inquest hearing must still be held into the exact death cause and the origin of the fire.
The young Afrikaner leaves his parents, younger sister gerallen√© and grandmothers Dephn√© Strydom and Lydia Gouws. ( MaroelaMedia.co.za 30 March 2016 ) 

-- Cape Town - Eye Witness News reported on 21 January 2016 that 'All commuters were evacuated from a Metrorail train in Fish Hoek after it caught alight. There were no casualties.
Authorities believe the blaze was started deliberately on Tuesday morning." The City of Cape Town’s Fire and Rescue Service and the NAVY reportedly had battled the blaze.
The city's spokeswoman Liesl Moodie said a veld fire had started and two helicopters were water-bombing the fire.” Kanonkop Wine Estate reported that it lost
50 tonnes of grapes in the Simonsberg Fire. Original report: