April 7, 2016

#Murder: UPDATE: Clive Bowers’ alleged killers to face more than 20 charges

...The victim and his life partner, Ms Renate Wagner had been asleep when their house was broken into.
Clive Bowers (60) was killed last year.
Clive Bowers (60) was shot & killed in his Bundu Estate home in January last year, 


A panga-weilding gang that had terrorised the Lowveld, disappeared from the scene after their arrest

MBOMBELA – The alleged killers of Mr Clive Bowers (60), who was shot in his Bundu Estate home in January last year, appeared in the Nelspruit Regional Court on March 23. Their case was postponed as their legal representation had not yet been finalised.

Mr Lewis Mathe (36), Mr Osvaldo Manyike (34), Mr Thomas Mashaba (27) and Mr Pedro Chambale (37) were arrested on February 13 last year – exactly a month after Bowers was killed.

Lowvelder previously reported that the victim and his life partner, Ms Renate Wagner had been asleep when their house was broken into.

Their bedroom door had been kicked open and the fatal shot fired. Wagner fell on top of Bowers and pretended to be dead. The accused allegedly fled the scene with the couple’s television set and cellphone.

The investigation of the Bowers murder trial was one of many in which the accused had been implicated.

A mysterious panga-weilding gang of robbers that had terrorised the Lowveld in the last quarter of 2014 disappeared from the scene after the above-mentioned four were arrested.

During their previous court appearances, it was placed on record that they would face charges pertaining to at least 22 crimes.

Faced with serious allegations and the possibility of lengthy prison sentences if found guilty, the four elected to invest in legal representation.

As their versions might end up incriminating one another, the accused could not be expected to make use of the same legal representative. This could render their trial unfair. Consequently, the case was postponed to April 11, granting them three weeks to appoint separate attorneys.

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