April 20, 2016

#ATTACK: UPDATE: VIDEO: Fastfood attack caught on camera; James Brewer talks about brutal assault at McDonald's

James Brewer and 
Chantal Beyers are
 recovering from traumatic events after they 
were allegedly assaulted
 at a local McDonald’s


A vicious assault on a couple in a fastfood outlet in Pretoria was captured on a security camera.

From this it appeared that the attack was not a group assault as initially assumed, said the woman victim Chantal Beyers (27).

“From what I heard, they say it was just the one man who had attacked us,” she said.

“We’ll have to see the footage for ourselves to know what happened as everything was so confusing at the time of the attack.”

She and her fiancé James Brewer (50), director of the Brewers restaurant chain, were this week still nursing their physical and emotional bruises.

They said they were attacked in McDonald’s Hamilton.

Chantal Beyers earlier told Rekord how she woke up in a pool of her own blood after she was knocked unconscious.

She and Brewer worked late on Tuesday night.

They were on their way home in the Moot when they stopped at McDonald’s Hamilton to get something to eat.

“It was in the early morning hours when we arrived at the McDonalds,” Beyers said.

“The cashier wasn’t very friendly. When we sat down to eat, we noticed they forgot a chicken wrap that we ordered. So James went to the counter to tell the cashier.”

The cashier argued with him about the order.

Brewer said at some point she spoke to another customer standing next to him.

A group of people was standing nearby.

“One of the men standing nearest to me shouldered me, asking why I ‘bumped’ him,” said Brewer.

“I really didn’t bump into him, so I told him that. He kept shoving me with his shoulder and this led to us having a confrontation.”

Beyers said she got up to intervene.

“I barely touched the other man when he punched me in the face with his fist… that was the last I remembered before waking up on the floor covered in blood.”

Brewer said there was some confusion as fists flew and he couldn’t be certain how many people were attacking him and Beyers as she lay on the floor.

Pointing to the bruises on the back of her head, Beyers said: “They must’ve kicked me on the ground.”

Brewer got the worst of it as he was trying to protect Beyers.

“There were two hard blows to my head – I assume they hit me with something on the back of my head,” Brewer said, indicating a bruise.

Brewer’s face was this week still swollen and he pointed out bruises on his head.

After the attack, the assailant apparently walked out of the restaurant as if nothing had happened.

“There was a security guard at the door and all the staff members present… but nobody lifted a finger to help us or even call the cops,” Brewer stated bitterly.

As he was helping Beyers up from the floor, one of the staff members quickly hurried towards them only to mop up the blood on the floor, he said.

McDonald’s SA has confirmed that “an incident of alleged assault between customers” occurred at McDonald’s Hamilton.

“We have begun an internal investigation… and will cooperate fully with the relevant law enforcement authorities.”

“The safety of our customers and crew is of paramount importance to us and this issue is receiving our full and urgent attention.”

Beyers said McDonald’s SA had arranged a meeting with the couple to discuss the matter.