April 9, 2016

#ATTACK: Family attacked at gunpoint at home in Haynes Street. The five dangerous black gunmen fled with family’s vehicle

7 April, at around 6.50pm the vehicle of a family of three was stolen during an armed robbery in Haynes Street.

The man, woman and their little daughter returned home from the shops, pulled into the driveway with their vehicle and went into the house. When they came out to leave again, they were confronted by five armed robbers. The man tried to keep the door closed, but the robbers, armed with an AK47 and other firearms, kicked down the door.

They tied up the family and took various household appliances, including a television set. They fled in the family’s blue Toyota Etios, with a dark VW Golf 2, driven by a white male, in tow.

When the suspects left, the family called West Suburb Roodepoort Neighbourhood Watch (WSRNW) who immediately responded.

The registration of the stolen Etios is CW 34 FK GP.