March 5, 2016

Video: South Africa under #Apartheid but that was then this is now....

South Africa under Apartheid vs Now
Kerkplein Pretoria 1970.
When school kids didn't have to fear being robbed or killed.
There is a lot of bullshit propaganda out there about how bad Apartheid was and how whites “oppressed” blacks, etc. 
By Mike Smith

5th of March 2016

Here is a 5 minute video sent in by one of our readers showing you How South African cities looked like during the height of Apartheid

Look at how well dressed the people were. Look at those beautiful clean streets the order in society. Our cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town could be compared to the best cities in the world. When you look at that video, does it look like Blacks are being oppressed? 

Then along came the Communist agitators and told the blacks they were being oppressed by whites. That whites were just exploiting them. That whites were evil…devils. That whites stole their land and property. The Communists promised them the world. 

Blacks believed all these lies and Chaos erupted across the black townships

Instead of killing every last Communist, the whites thought they could negotiate with them and share power. Today the Communists are fully in charge of the country. They have destroyed the country and robbed the state coffers blind. Today the streets are filthy, the country is bankrupt and about to be downgraded to junk status, but still the Communists let the lies come. They tell the blacks that they have “Freedom”. That South Africa is so much better for them today. Tja…The New (improved) South Africa. 

Jedge for yourself…How Johannesburg looks like today

“Integration is the time between the first black family moving in and the last white family moving out” — Saul Alinsky 

Driving through Johannesburg cbd today.
The City of gold under ANC GOVERNMENT 


Sometimes prison is a good thing for people making mistakes…because once they come out of prison they normally have a far better understanding of their wives’ needs, because they will know exactly how it feels to be a woman and shafted like a bitch

That is how I sometimes feel about Europe and their “refugee crisis”. It is their prison bitch experience. If they come through this, they will have a much better understanding of what we went through in South Africa when the whole world had sanctions against us and shafted us.


‘APARTHEID’….What you’ve heard from the very same media that is hiding #WhiteGenocide in South Africa was all a lie