March 7, 2016

#FarmAttack: Survives but injured: Eldery woman attacked by four black attackers in Kameeldrift West in the Hercules area on Thursday evening

An elderly woman was attacked by four attackers who entered her home in Kameeldrift West in the Hercules area on Thursday evening.

Hercules sector 4 police community forumchairperson, Jan Nel said the robbers entered the woman’s home despite a closed gate.

“The attackers entered her house at 20:00. They tied her up and she was gagged with a rope which cut her on the edges of her mouth and they used duct tape to cover her mouth,” Nel explained.

He said the rope was also used to tie up the rest of her body, while the robbers raided her house.

“She sustained bruises around her mouth and body,” he said.

Nel said one of the attackers who spoke Afrikaans translated to the other men what the woman was saying.

“While she was tied up, they demanded her car keys and loaded her bakkie with her home appliances,” Nel said.

A neighbour heard suspicious noises and rang their alarm.

“Sector 4 community police and police were at the scene within minutes. The robbers ran away and left bakkie. They did, however, get away with her cellphone,” Nel said.

He explained that the Hercules area had experienced six to seven robberies with the same modus operandi in the past six months.

“These people enter the homes of people in the area late at night, tie them up and flee with their belongings,” Nel said.

Nel could not state the exact age of the woman but estimated she could be in her late sixties.

He also urged residents to refrain from touching evidence at a crime scene, as numerous people were at the woman’s house after the robbers had fled.

Hercules police spokesperson Captain Bonginkosi Msimango confirmed a case of house robbery was opened and that the robbers were still at large.

“Police were operating in the area and responded to the alarm. A case of house robbery was opened but no arrests have been made so far,” Msimango said.

He urged residents to ensure their surveillance cameras (if they have any) and alarms were always switched on and to join hands with the community police forums in their areas.

Msimango said: “People must stay clear from a crime scene and not tamper with evidence. They should wait for forensic officers to arrive first so they can trace all the evidence.”