March 18, 2016

De Klerk turns 80

Today is the 80th birthday of the greatest “Joiner” and traitor this country has ever seen, F. W. (Fuck Wit) de Klerk. Born 18th of March 1936. . .


By Mike Smith
18th of March 2016

The Afrikaans media reported an article by theology Prof. Emeritus. Amie van Wyk of the North West University and old student friend of F.W. about what moved him to sell out his people and his country. 

The former theology professor rambles on that it wasn’t the political pressure from overseas, the sanctions or the fall of the Berlin Wall that moved F.W. to capitulate, but that he struggled within himself with questions of “justice, peace and nabourly love”…of which the most important reason was “justice” which he learned from his professor L.J. du Plessis at the University of Potchefstroom. 


Nevertheless, the professor goes on to speculate that De Klerk was maybe also moved by his Calvinistic religious convictions. Ja…the same convictions that moved him to shag his Greek friend’s wife. 

Again. Bullshit! The liberal professor is glad that we went away from what he calls, “a dictatorship of the minority”, but regrets the fact that we find ourselves today in “a dictatorship of the majority”. 

Obviously he does not hold his old friend responsible for the thousands of white people killed and what happened to South Africa under that “dictatorship of the majority”. 

So what moved F.W. de Klerk? 

I actually mailed it to the F.W. de Klerk foundation and asked them to respond or correct anything I said. Till this day I had no response. 

So let me explain in a condensed version again what moved the traitor De Klerk. 

We have seen that there are several reasons why people become traitors or cross over to the other side. The main reasons are represented by the acronym M.I.C.E… Money, Ideology, Coercion and Ego or any combination of the above. 

De Klerk is a so called “Dopper”, a member of the ultra conservative Boer Church the Gereformeerde Kerk. In fact he is a descendant of a thoroughbred Boer family on both mother and father sides. One of the core beliefs of the Dopper Church is that God personally intervenes in the lives of people and that when one prays long and hard enough God will show one the way…show one which course to take. They believe that one can get a calling from God. In Afrikaans it is called a “Roeping”.

Dominee Pieter Bingle, personal friend of De Klerk and fellow member of the Afrikanerbond afdeling Leeuwenhof in Cape Town, told F.W. De Klerk to stop listening to the people and his advisers who were all “false prophets”. He told De Klerk that he was standing in the Council Chamber of the Lord; that he was an instrument of God. He told De Klerk that he who stands in the Council Chamber of the Lord will be aggressive enough to tackle problems and challenges fearlessly. 

So religious fanaticism played a role in this betrayal…“To save all the people of South Africa.” 

However, F.W. and his wife Marike, who was actually more conservative than him, had three adopted children. His one son, Willem, a total loser, had a weakness for coloured girls. He went from one coloured nightclub to the next, nailing coloured girls like a sosatie and on top of it making them all pregnant. There was Erica Adams, Nicole Norodien and Desire Joseph, just to mention a few. 

F.W. de Klerk became the proud grandfather of a string of coloured children. How could he then defend Apartheid or carry on to be the president of an Apartheid state? All F.W. de Klerk’s superior education as a lawyer, his conservative convictions, his Ultra Conservative religious beliefs that he raised his children on all came to naught when his youngest boy came home with a coloured girl and evinced a weakness for Cape Coloured beauties. 

Elita’s role

De Klerk was so totally besotted by his Greek friend, Tony Georgiades’s wife Elita, whom he was shagging on the side, that he left the entire CODESA negotiations to junior ministers like Roelf Meyer who was totally out of his depth when it came to negotiating with skilled Communists like Cyril Ramaphosa. In the end he just didn't care what happened to South Africa. 

The money. 

He obtained half of the Nobel Prize which is about $1,4 million dollars. So F.W: got about $700,000 officially. P.W. Botha said that De Klerk was offered about $3 million, because the same amount was offered to him. We also know that De Klerk had a wine and olive farm called “Wildepaardejacht” that he went on the market for R35million and that he shortly afterwards bought a mansion in Fresnaye for R20 million. We also know that De klerk was involved with secret negotiations organized by the British MI6 and sponsored by the mining company Consolidated Goldfields. If F.W. de Klerk indeed took any of the money it would be interesting to find out if it was declared and whether he paid taxes on it. 

F.W. was coerced

De Klerk had many skeletons in his closet. He personally ordered several Apartheid era murders, but later denied that the word “eliminate” meant “to kill”. His former embittered wife Marike was busy working on her third book and was about to reveal all about F.W. de Klerk. Marike was brutally murdered under mysterious circumstances at her Bloubergstrand sea view apartment at the Dolphin Beach complex on the fourth of December 2001. 


When one reads Albert Blake’s book “Boereverraaier” then one sees that almost all these traitors tried to justify their treason by stating bullshit ethical excuses like trying to save lives of women and children in the concentration camps, by bringing the war to an earlier end, etc, but once one digs a bit deeper, one sees that ultimately they all did it for the money. 

In the case of De Klerk it was a case of his own religious fanaticism and narcissistic ego where he thought God personally singled him out to save South Africa, but also his weakness for his Greek mistress and idiocy to be led by his penis instead of his brain. 

Further, he could no longer justify his conservative political views, because of his son’s interracial relationships. 

On top of it he was manipulated by international agents using a “carrot and stick” approach, coercing him on the one side and rewarding him on the other. Instead of being a firm principled leader, F.W. de Klerk had feet of clay. Eventually he buckled, took the money and took the easy way out. 

Although Justice dictates that a rotten traitor should be put up against the nearest wall and shot, today F.W.’s biggest punishment is to sit and watch South Africa slip into the abyss along with his "Yes" voters. My only wish is to live long enough to see him and his Greek slut dragged out onto the streets of Cape Town and given the Mussolini treatment. That day I will personally go and lay a flower on Marike’s grave in the Rebecca Street Cemetery in Pretoria West. 

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