March 4, 2016

#ATTACK: Woman (25) was found naked, covered in blood on N1 highway after she was raped, tied up in the Moot area

One attacker hit her with a gun before they raped her

Raped woman found naked on N1. She was lying in a foetal position in the yellow lane with her hands tied behind her back...

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A woman was found naked on the N1 highway after she was raped and tied up in the Moot area.

Pietersburg resident David Millichamp came across her as he was driving to Watloo on the N1 south on Thursday morning.

He saw her on the side of the road near the Stormvoël Road offramp around 01:00.

“I nearly drove into her,” he told Rekord on Friday.

“She was lying in a foetal position in the yellow lane with her hands tied behind her back and a piece of clothing covering her mouth.”

Millichamp said another man stopped behind him to help. They rushed to the aid of the 25-year-old woman, who was covered in blood and pleaded with them to untie her hands.

“I ran back to my car to get my knife so I could cut her loose. I gave her my jacket and the other man gave her a blanket,” said Millichamp.

The woman told him she was walking along the highway when she was approached by a car with five men.

“She seemed confused and said these men followed her from Zambezi (Sefako Makgatho) Drive. They pulled her off the road and one hit her with a gun before they raped her.”

Millichamp said he called the police and stayed with the woman until their arrival. He also managed to reach her family.

“She was taken to Villieria police station and then to hospital according to her family,” he said.

“She said many people drove past her. No woman deserves to go through what she went through.”

Police spokesperson Captain Coba Brits said a rape docket was opened and police were investigating.

She warned pedestrians to avoid the highway, especially near the Stormvoël Road offramp, as this had been identified as a crime hotspot.

“Various crimes have been reported in this area and most of them occur late at night. Although patrols by police and metro police are done on an hourly basis, the public also need to be observant of their surroundings.”

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