March 10, 2016

#ATTACK: Black mob attacked 2 white female British diplomats in Pretoria -

...revealed months later after heavy spindoctoring by British diplomats...
-- pictured from left to right: Helen Horne (victim: British High Commission), Msizi Ndlovu wearing hatespeech teeshirt "Kill Them With Success", Prof Cheryl de la Rey (Pretoria University), Modise Sefume and Linda Hooper (victim: British High Commission)

March 9 2016 - Two white female British diplomats suffered a racial attack by a black mob in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, on 23 October 2015.  The incident happened near the Union Buildings, seat of the country’s government. However, the British embassy – called a “High Commission” as South Africa has been a Commonwealth country since Nelson Mandela became president in 1994 – has tried to put some “positive spin” on the incident by emphasising the “gallant rescue” of Helen Horne and Linda Hooper by two University of Pretoria students who also happened to be black. As it is described in an official press release by the University of Pretoria and the British High Commission:
" Msizi Ndlovu and Modise Sefume came to the rescue of Helen Horne and Linda Hooper – two members of the British High Commission, who were conducting official business in downtown Pretoria on the day – when they were surrounded by a rampant mob and the rear window of their vehicle was smashed with a brick."Shocked but physically unharmed, the women were struggling to extract themselves from the situation when Ndlovu and Sefume appeared on the scene. They provided assistance, finding a safe place to park the vehicle and escorting the women to a nearby medical clinic, which afforded security from the mob. 
They monitored the situation, remained with the women until the violence had passed and assisted with their eventual return to the British High Commission."
PRAAG comments: " On the photograph above, Sefume wears a teeshirt with the slogan “Kill them with success” for which an earlier black student slogan, “Kill all whites” 
might be the “intertext”. (Note: this is a summary. Read the entire report on http://praag.org/?p=21890 )