February 4, 2016

VIDEO: South Africa: 22 charges laid against De Klerk, Vlok

Professional anti-white hatred-inciter Andile Mngxitama behind criminal charges against F W de Klerk and A Vlok


The Anti-Racism Action Forum (ARAF) has laid 22 criminal charges against the last Apartheid president, F-Wit de Klerk..

As you may recall, it was under Liberal pansy de Klerk's watch that the country was handed over to the ANC.

F-Wit de Klerk and the Dead Terrorist, Nelson Mandela, were given a joint Nobel Peace Prize by the international globalists as a thank you. That's the reward when you destroy a previously functioning White-run country.

Even Obama received his early.....

This is actually hilarious. The great de Klerk being whacked over the head by the same Blacks he handed the country over to so enthusiastically.....Gone are his 15 minutes of fame, and now the dogs are back to bite the hand that fed them.

They are still hungry and still unable to feed themselves.

According to de Klerk, he has nothing to fear as his hands are clean. Well, they bloody better be clean, because surely he can afford the best soap in the world with the 30 pieces of silver he received for selling SA out to a bunch of murdering communist liberation dunces.

South Africa wasn't perfect back under Apartheid. No country is - but it was a fully functioning country, where the skilled, industrious White population paid their taxes towards the upkeep of the lesser-abled Black tribes. This allowed the Black numbers to swell, as their living standards improved, their life expectancy extended, the infant mortality rates fell, and their education levels were boosted. 

This all to the detriment of the White population by the way.

And yet these Black twits want to lay charges against de Klerk - instead of laying charges against the ANC, which has caused all the problems. They were handed a first-world country with the best economy and military on the African continent, which they have systematically destroyed since 1994. All that good fortune banked during the Apartheid era has now been squandered and the country is running in the red - morally, financially, criminally. The ARAF should be suing the ANC to explain where all the billions of stolen taxes have gone under their watch. They should be suing for the corruption, incompetence and theft against the SA citizens. They should be suing Zuma to return the money he used to build his mansion. 

But, no. Once again they blame the Whites for their eternal misery - and de Klerk is their target. They should be kissing his treasonous feet.

Speaking of feet, it's not only F-Wit de Klerk they're targeting. Nope. They also going after Apartheid minister of law and order Adrian Vlok. Old Vlokkie was the nincompoop who washed the feet of some Blacks, to 'atone for his sins'. Today the fool uses his house as a refuge for the vulnerable and distributes food to poor Black families. How about the poor White families Vlokkie?? The poor AFRIKANER families??? Your own people.

In the video is the IQ67 ARAF communist Black supremacists explaining their plan of action. The leader is typical of the Black agitators found during Apartheid. They are not mentally fit to herd goats. In fact, if it were 300 years ago, they would have been known as the village idiot and shunned.

Enjoy de Klerk and Vlokkie. Your 15 minutes of fame are back:


■ Professional anti-white hatred-inciter Andile Mngxitama behind criminal charges against F W de Klerk and A Vlok

Longtime anti-white hatred-inciter Andile Mngxitama behind 22 criminal charges against FW de Klerk and Adriaan Vlok at Hillbrow police station. 
2016-02-03 20:16 News 24 journalist Lizeka Tandwa quoted former ANC- and ex-EFF MP Andile Mngxitama as 'not mincing words when he called former president FW De Klerk 'a mass murderer and a wanted man'.
She wrote: "He and several others laid charges against the last Afrikaner president of South Africa at the Hillbrow police station on Wednesday.
She quoted Mngxitama as saying: “Yesterday the mass murderer, the criminal, De Klerk was celebrated by people who don’t know this man should be in jail. He should be sent to the International Crimes Court. 
... After 22 years... when you see De Klerk next time you must know he is a wanted man."End quote.
Who is this man? Mngxitama a decade ago also founded the 'Blackwash' group when he was still a policy advisor for the ANC-funded Human Rights Foundation which received an 
annual €122-million from the European Union at that time. His activities focused on fomenting hatred against whites. He founded a group called 'Blackwash', and he and his 
followers distributed pamphlets at mass-meetings calling for the mass-murders of 'settlers'. 
Now he shows up at the Hillbrow police station as a 'supporter of the newly-formed "Anti-Racism Action Forum"(ARAF).
Ms Tandwa wrote that the group members laid 22 criminal charges against former SA president Frederick Willem De Klerk and against Adriaan Vlok, the previous regime's law and order minister: 
"for crimes committed against black people." The group said the two Afrikaner leaders "were not granted amnesty for their crimes." 

ARAF's formal complaint accused De Klerk and Vlok of specific crimes which included: 
1. The killing of 27 people during the Sebokeng riots in July 1990: when two large mobs of armed people tried to invade the town of Vereeniging.
2. the killing of the Cradock Four and 
3. the Daveyton killings in 1991 where 13 people died.

(*Note: Judicial hearings were held into such violent events under the chairmanship of Mr Justice Richard Goldstone. 
There is no indication in the article by Ms Tandwa whether the Hillbrow police will investigate the role played by FW de Klerk and Adriaan Vlok in these events, 
or whether they will just submit the findings of the Goldstone Commission and similar Commissions into public violence to the Public Prosecutor's Office for consideration.)

In response to the formal charges, the FW de Klerk Foundation issued a statement saying "it had noted the development... "We regard it as an attempt by an unknown organisation to generate divisive and sensational publicity. 
Their allegations are without any foundation and we are not at all concerned.”




Andile Mnxingtama's public statements must be viewed in the light of the fact that he has deliberately lied in the past, accusing whites of crimes which were actually committed by blacks: 
for instance at the height of the huge media-hype around murdered AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche, in July 13 2010, the Press Ombudsman ruled that a City Press article by Andile Mngxitama 
( 11 April 2010 “Blacks in Bondage’’ City Press ) -- had ”falsely implied that Ventersdorp mayor Kabelo Mashi "was killed by white racist extremists” when the man was in fact killed by another black man, Johannes Monatle, ten years earlier…
-- The City Press newspaper also was found guilty of “distributing false information regarding Afrikaners” in this article by the Blackwash organiser. 
-- The press ombudsman ruled that City Press had 'breached the press code by publishing the opinion piece on 11 April 2010 headlined “Blacks in Bondage’’ by Andile Mngxitama, 
described as 'a policy advisor to the European Union-funded Foundation for Human Rights…' 
-- (the article is still unline in unaltered form without any indication of the Press Ombudsman ruling...)
The then-employer of Mr Mngxitama, (his email at the time was amngxitama@fhr.org.za at the Foundation for Human Rights) was run by influential ANC-members: chaired by Ms Louise Asmal, co-chaired by Judge Siraj Desai, and its treasurer was Jody Kollapen. 
It billed itself as ‘one of the primary indigenous grant-makers to the Human Rights sector in South Africa.” 
-- It was established through the 1996 cooperation agreement between the European Union and the South African government.
- The South African government at that time received an annual €122-million for all its ‘democracy and integration programmes’ through this agreement: 
the FHR stated on its own website that " its funding primarily came from the European Union – but also from donors such as DCI, the Mott Foundation and Care International. 
"The Foundation’s stated purpose is to raise grants with which “to combat poverty and inequality”… 

(for background on Andile Mngxitama, the ex-ANC member, ex-EFF member, ex policy-advisor for the ANC-funded Human Rights Foundation; and also the founder of the anti-white hategroup Blackwash who clearly was the spokesman for the Anti-Racism Action Forum (ARAF) at the Hillbrow court:

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■ ANC's racist witch hunts is all about emotions

By Mike Smith

3rd of February 2016

There appeared a very good article by Sydney Kaye on Politicsweb the other dayThe ANC’s old racist trick

Basically he said that the party uses the word for its emotional resonance, while making it mean whatever it wants it to mean. 

Of course Kaye is right. To date I have never heard a satisfactory single definition of what a “racist” is or what the word means. Everyone seems to make up their own definition as it suits them. Especially the ANC. 

The word is used purely for its EMOTIONAL response and when emotions take over rationality goes out the porthole. It is like the Salem witch hunts.

In Germany calling someone a “Nazi” causes extreme emotional distress. Don’t even think about calling a German person a “Nazi”. In fact the left-wing in the Bundestag calls everything to the right “Rechtsextrimisten” (Rightwing Extremists) to keep them in their place. 

Likewise, as Kaye mentions, never tell Israelis that they are driving an Apartheid agenda against Palestinians or that they are guilty of a holocaust, because these are very strong and emotional words. 

In South Africa, being found guilty of “Racism” by the mob (not a court of law) causes such strong emotions that it can see your career finished and you deserving the death penalty. 

As Kaye says, “Similarly the ANC calls any political opponent or critic a "racist", because that word resonates in SA. Its use alone has the desired effect, which is not to debate but to delegitimise and demonise.” 

But Kaye mentions a “new game in town”, where the liberal useful idiots in the media play along with the ANC and jumped on the “racist” bandwagon, like Liz Cowan I mentioned the other day whose definition of a racist is: "any person who is white".

Further… What is also clear is that the DA, other opposition parties, large corporations (Standard Bank and M-Net for instance) and the authorities are being led by the nose and reacting to the agenda set by the ANC, instead of confronting its irrationality when appropriate. Just because the ANC says that Chris Hart or Gareth Cliff's comments were racist doesn't mean they necessarily are, and shouldn’t mean those corporations are obliged to do acrobats to accommodate ANC opportunism. 

That of course makes things much easier for the ANC, because any comment from a white person, deemed unacceptable, is automatically classified as racist by virtue of the colour of that person's skin, without having to waste time substantiating the accusation. 

At the same time any comment (even clearly racist or blatantly hate-speech) made by a black person would automatically not be racist. That is because premises one: "white persons are racist" and premise two: "black persons are not white persons" lead to the conclusion: "black persons are not racist".

Kaye also mentioned the 20 000 mainly black opponents of the ANC who marched in Johannesburg. Presumably they cannot be racist for the reason set out above so perhaps "sell out" , another word with dreadful connotations, will have to do. 

Yes…we all know what the ANC did to their “sell-outs”…Burned them to death with tires around their necks. 

The rule of law becomes suspended once the word “racist” (or sell-out) is uttered.