February 24, 2016

#MURDER: UPDATE: Afrikaner widow, Alezia Vermeulen recounts her husband’s brutal murder. Black killers still at large

HONEYDEW – A grieving widow appeals to the police to catch her husband’s murderer

Alezia Vermeulen’s life changed on 29 November 2015 when her husband Quintin Vermeulen was brutally beaten and murdered in front of her very eyes.

The Sunday began as normal at their complex home on Johan Road in Honeydew. At around 9pm she and Quintin sat down to wind down from a busy weekend, it was then that they heard unusual noises and the anxious barking from their dogs.

Upon inspecting the noise at their back door, Quintin was struck over the head with a crow bar. It was then that Alezia ran for her life and sought protection behind a locked bedroom door. The suspects forced their way into their home. “I saw him [Quintin] get beaten and I screamed for our lives, I don’t know for how long I screamed but help eventually came,” said Alezia.

The suspect then put a gun to Quintin’s head and fired the fatal shot. Alezia tearfully said, “Besides losing my husband that night is the fact that nothing has been said… I lost my husband and it’s like nothing happened.”

Honeydew SAPS Spokesperson Warrant Officer Karen Jacobs confirmed that a case of robbery and murder is currently being investigated at the Honeydew Police Station.

WO Joacobs explained, “ On the evening of the incident the SAPS K9 unit followed a blood trail and some of the property as well as an unlicensed firearm were recovered.” She added that the blood trail, however, stopped at one of the tar roads where it is believed that the suspects’ transport picked them up.

The following day all the clinics and medical facilities, in and around Honeydew, where visited but to no avail.

Alezia woefully explained that there has been no progress in finding her husband’s killers. “The police keep on telling me they are waiting for results and reports and all the while, the killers are walking around without people even knowing that this could happen to them.”

WO Jacobs added, “Currently, we are awaiting feedback results from the Pretoria Forensic Laboratory, regarding exhibits that were sent for analysing. Unfortunately, no identikit could be drawn up of the alleged suspects.”

“I’m so desperate to get justice for my husband and for his life to be acknowledged,” exclaimed Alezia.

“His life meant something and his death should not be left as if he meant nothing.”

WO Jacobs urged residents in complexes and townhouses to practise caution. “Townhouse complexes are currently the main target for housebreaking and robberies. Honeydew SAPS appeals to the residents to ensure that they have adequate security at their unit, especially at sliding doors,” explained WO Jacobs.