February 2, 2016

Jack Sen (family name: Sengupta) and the theft of intellectual property

Jack Sen 
(family name'Sengupta')
Under many of his fake accounts and alias's, he seems to have no qualms about taking others work to pass off as his own and attempt to take credit for. Yet, his extremely limited amount of time in nationalism gives one good reason as to why, he continue's to be exposed as a fraud almost on a daily basis. That reason is something Sen can not control or change, It comes down to his brief time in UKIP and the BNP and particular, the BNP, that gives Sen no knowledge of what has gone before, no memory of past activism and no idea of the people who carried it out.

This has led Sen to speak on Aryan radio, Red Ice and spin a yarn at BritRen's meeting on just how he's here to save British nationalism. It is nauseating for any hard working activist to hear Sen telling listeners how only he is here for the children of Rotherham, or how he will expose how Britain has become multicultural in London..

Starting with Rotherham Sen, you are insulting the memory of one of the finest activists this country was lucky enough to have. BNP's Marlene Guest went to Rotherham authorities as long as a decade ago. It was the bulk of her research that she gave to Professor Jay for the independent report.

Where were you Sen when the NF,EDL,BNP and BF took to the streets of Rotherham? You were brown nosing Farage in the safety party.

Then, Sen claims no one else is on the streets risking their lives to highlight issue's. 

I could go on endlessly shaming gutless Sen who's now in hiding apparently after allegedly making up more stories to the police about threats.

I'll leave you with one more for him, now Sen has stated that he's being stopped from making his little film in London exposing ethnics taking over our country by his so called imaginary attackers. As per usual with Sen, the answer to the entire worlds problems, it never occurred to him that someone, somewhere, got there long, long before him. Seven years before him in fact. 

Let's just hope London forum members finally see through this lying fraudster and ditch him before the old tax man starts to wonder exactly where and who's spending all these donations Sen is bleeding them dry for.


I really can't understand how Front Nasional in South Africa still keep this guy, Jack Sen as their spokesperson in Britain... are they too blind to see? 


According to Jan (former African Crisis) during the interview on the radio talk show... he mentioned that Jack is working for the ANC International Secret Intelligence Services...

Would you flee your own country, leaving your whole life behind like a coward...? 
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We've been here as long as the Americans have been in America...

We've been here longer than the Australians are in Australia...

We are the legal indigenous people of South Africa...A lot of the black people in this country are recent arrivals here!

So please support & sign this Petition: Allow the Bantu tribes of South Africa the right to return to their ancestral mother countries....