January 27, 2016

SA police officer was arrested in Sophiatown after a hijacked vehicle was found in his yard


Police officer arrested:

A police officer was arrested in Sophiatown on 26 January when a hijacked BMW was found in his yard.

According to Sophiatown police spokesperson Warrant Officer TJ de Bruyn, the arrested sergeant will appear in the magistrates’ court on 27 January.

“I am not sure which court, but it will probably be Newlands Magistrates’ Court and it has to be today,” he explained.

He added that they traced the hijacked vehicle through the tracker and it was found in the officer’s yard.

“When we tracked the vehicle we found that the owner of the yard was a policeman working at the police Labour Relations Unit in Braamfontein,” said WO De Bruyn.

He further explained that the police officer was charged for being in possession of stolen property and was detained at the Sophiatown Police Station.

“The officer said that he did not know that the car was hijacked in Sandton and it was strange that the car was parked in his yard,” concluded WO De Bruyn.

Lieutenant Colonel AndrĂ© de Klerk from Sandton Police Station confirmed a hijacking case was reported at the station. “I was not involved in that case, I don’t have details,” he said.