January 29, 2016

SA Government passes new law for Cops and Nurses doing night shift to take a 2 hour nap on the job

Congratulations South Africa, you have arrived. Here are some great news for you. Police Officers and Nurses can now take a two hour nap, says the government

This comes after many complaints from the public after catching police officer sleeping while on duty. Pictures from various police stations all over the country have been circulating around the internet and this really worried government officials.
The resolved the case, not only cops are now allowed to sleep while on duty, but nurses as well.

“Our cops and nurses work so hard, we have therefore decided to at least allow them to get a bit of rest while at work, especially in winter because it is cold. We encourage them to not sleep at the same time but take up turns. ” said constable Mlotshwa from the Nelspruit police station.

“An office must only sleep when it is only safe to do so. If he is not at the station, he can park his car in a safe place, rest for 2 hours and get back to work” added constable Mlotshwa.
South Africa is the first country in the world to pass such a law. Do you think this new law is going to benefit us somehow?


Photos o drunk & passed out PMB cop go viral

Photos of an officer in Pietermaritzburg, allegedly passed out behind the wheel of a police van with a bottle of what appeared to be alcohol between his legs, were circulated on Facebook.