January 16, 2016

#MURDER: Afrikaner woman, Karen Rautenbach (48), found strangled to death in her Brentwood Park home

Karen Rautenbach (48), who was found dead in her Brentwood Park home recently, was a warrior, who lived and loved fiercely until her death
Karen Rautenbach's body was recently found in her Brentwood Park home.
Karen Rautenbach's body was recently found in her Brentwood Park home

Death of Brentwood Park woman shocks daughter

This is how she was described by her daughter, Callie (24), whom Rautenbach raised as a single mother.

Rautenbach’s body was discovered by her domestic worker on the morning of Tuesday, January 12.

At the time of publishing it was still unknown when exactly she died.

“The police suspect that the deceased might have been strangled and the incident may have occurred a few days earlier,” said Benoni SAPS spokesperson, Const Zunickha Essakjee.

Callie described her reaction upon hearing of her mother’s death.

“I was absolutely shocked, heartbroken, devastated,” she said.

“My mom’s domestic worker called me from a neighbour’s phone, telling me to come to the house, because something strange was going on.

“When I arrived at the house, it had already been taped off as a crime scene.

“As soon as I saw that, I knew (my mother) wasn’t there anymore.”

Callie said her mother lived alone with her beloved three pet dogs, Pug, Gup and Bunty. She spent a lot of her time with her pets.

Callie explained that she and her mother had a very close relationship, as Callie was Rautenbach’s only child.

“My mother was a selfless woman, who raised me as a single mother, sacrificing a lot in the process,” Callie said.

Rautenbach had lived in Benoni her whole life and worked as a salesperson until her death.

On Thursday, January 14, the Benoni SAPS brought a man in for questioning in connection with Rautenbach’s death.

Acting station commander Col Martin van Nieuwenhuizen said the man had not been charged with murder, but several suspects were yet to be eliminated through investigations.

The investigation was ongoing at the time of publishing.

Rautenbach’s funeral was due to be held at Maranatha Community Church, in Kempton Park, at 2pm on January 19. http://benonicitytimes.co.za/241278/death-of-brentwood-park-woman-shocks-daughter/