January 4, 2016

#LandGrabsInSA: Pongola under land claim: The entire town is included in this land claim

The Mahlalela Community has lodged a land claim to include 399 properties in Pongola
A MASSIVE land claim involving 399 properties in Pongola, lodged on behalf of the Mahlalela community, is currently under judgement.

If approved in its entirety, the claim would see both public and private residences, farms and businesses, including land owned by the Ingonyama Trust Board (ITB), being handed to the Mahlalela community.

Astounded by the size of the claim, a former Pongola resident who asked not to be named brought the information to the Zululand Observer’s attention.

‘Although the document states that notice of the land claim has been published in numerous publications across the region, no one seems to know when or where it was published,’ said the source.

The document lists the properties included in the claim, which are privately owned farms, family trusts, church-owned land, municipal-owned land, working businesses such as the sugar mill and recreational areas such as the golf course.

The claim reportedly goes so far as to include public toilets within the town of Pongola.

‘The entire town of Pongola is included in this land claim,’ said the source.

Acknowledging the claim, the provincial Department of Rural Development and Land Reform said since the claim is sub judice, the department is ‘unable to engage further until such time that the court has finalised its process’.

A number of farms in and around Pongola were handed to communities earlier this year following successful land claims.

One such farm, a working game farm and lodge, was recently sold to the Ntshangase Community after its successful claim.

The former owners were negotiating a rent back agreement which would see them continue to run the farm and its operations. http://zululandobserver.co.za/97105/pongola-under-land-claim/

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" Companies & farm owners must just surrender 51% of shares to black worker... We don't have money to buy those shares. If our demands are not met, you will push us to the limits..."

~ Malema

Malema: SA businesses 'must surrender 51%' of shares to workers

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South African businesses "must surrender 51%" of their shares to the workers, Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has told BBC HARDtalk.
Mr Malema explained that his party was going to engage in "persuasive and peaceful" discussions with business leaders, adding that the use of civil disobedience to force through reforms would not be used "until our people are pushed to the limit".

"There are no “first people” any more. The ‘first people of South Africa’ are long extinct"   Zulu’s stole other black’s lands and drove others of their land

"So blacks and the Khoi-San ALL migrated down from Central and East Africa. Blacks were contemporary inhabitants (note, not settlers) of South Africa as whites. Blacks were pastoral nomads who never permanently settled any land until whites came along"

Do Not Forget, Blacks Stole The Land Too

The old communist lie that "Whites own 80% of the land" in South Africa is endlessly perpetuated, despite the Chief Surveyor-General confirming that “there is no basis” for the claim. Add the fact that Black African Bantu were not the original inhabitants of Southern Africa and thus arguably "stole" far more land than Whites, and the truth finally begins to emerge...