January 15, 2016

Kenny Kunene compares white people to monkeys

Controversial businessman, Kenny Kunene has raised eyebrows after a series of messages on Twitter where he compares white people to monkeys.

Kenny starts off by insisting that “whites compare blacks to monkeys all the time. Let’s see similarities between white people in the next five pics tweets.”
This message is then followed by a series of images comparing white people to monkeys, with one image showing a naked man with the caption “Mr Sparrow patently waiting for Penny to suck that dick”.
Kenny, who was previously known as the Sushi King for throwing outrageous parties where he was often photographed eating sushi off of naked women’s bodies, made headlines last year for outing the high-profile women he claims he slept with.
The news was leaked ahead of the release of his upcoming tell-all book. In it, Kenny claimed to have bedded respected actress, Sophie Ndaba, calling her toxic. At the time, Sophie confirmed the relationship to The Juice, saying she is disappointed by Kenny’s claims.
Kenny ended his messages with this message: “Unless we fight back they will take our dignity away… they think they are superior, no they are not.”

Last week saw the country up in arms after estate agent, Penny Sparrow compared black people to monkeys.
After that incident, Standard Bank’s Chris Hart was suspended pending an inquiry to his comments regarding Apartheid and Gareth Cliff was fired from Idols after comments made regarding freedom of speech.
UPDATE: Kenny has since removed his tweets.

Sunette Bridges News Page:
Sakeman, Kenny Kunene, wat self erken dat hy sy miljoene gemaak het danksy die hulp van WIT mense, het 'n reeks fotos op Twitter geplaas waarin hy wit mense met ape vergelyk.

In 'n onderhoud verdedig hy die gedrag as volg:

Hy is kwaad. Wit mense is rassiste. Hulle moet ophou om swart mense met ape te vergelyk. Sy optrede is geregverdig. Wit mense lyk wel soos ape. Ons het dieselfde voorkoms en vel. Swart mense moenie toelaat dat wit mense hulle met ape vergelyk nie. Hy hoef aan niemand te regverdig of hy 'n rassis is of nie. Hy reageer slegs op rassisme. Bla, bla, bla... 

...maar hier is die deel waaroor 'n mens eintlik maar net kan lag, want net hier wetter sy hele ou redenasie uitmekaar! 

"I Googled all these pictures. I wanted to see what is it that white people see in us that makes us monkeys... that doesn't make them monkeys.

And after I did my search there's even pictures of white people being compared to monkeys and gorillas. I am not doing it out of racism. I am doing it out of anger - like many other South Africans who are angry. The plan here of racists is to install in the minds of young black South Africans that they are inferior. They are at the level of monkeys. They must always feel inferior. I cannot stand back and watch these white racists insult a nation." 

Nie dat die siel seker hier sal lees nie, maar iedergeval: 

"So Kenny, you say you Googled these pictures and found all of these ones comparing white people to monkeys, right? So these pictures are out there, right? They have been for several years. Your friends have been posting them om social media for as long as it has been in existence. We see these pictures often and read the drivel posted along with them. 

Have you ever read a newspaper article about some white guy running to the authorities, screaming bloody murder and throwing a hissy fit, demanding justice, getting the dude of dudette that posted the picture fired from their jobs, crying RASISM! ...and then going for therapy because the white guy is now made to feel inferior and can't get over being compared to an ape? 

Your hysterical rant and subsequent behaviour proves only one thing. In the minds of black South Africans, only whites and be racists and black will, in perpetuity, behave as they like and claim to be ANGRY. 

...angry enough to slaughter our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and children and sing songs about it... and get away with it... because you are so very angry. 

When faced with a picture of myself, manipulated in such a way that it makes me look like a monkey, my only reaction is to laugh and most probably repost it because I think it's funny and it most certainly does not determine who I am. 

Y'all need to grow up and grow a pair!"