January 31, 2016

#FarmAttack: Klipkop: Afrikaner woman, Mrs Steyn (84) was attacked by 3 armed black terrorists at about 01:00 this morning

Crocodile Community Protection Group

FARM ATTACK-This morning at about 01:00 Mrs Steyn 84 from Klipkop - Brits was attacked by 3 terrorists, 2 suspects were armed with handguns and demanded money and firearms.They took Mrs Steyn to the bedroom and tied her hands with electric cable and searched the house.Only a small amount of cash,jewelry,tv,and bank cards.Her son went out this morning to greet his mother,when heard her screaming and made alarm to the community group.The group responded with force and trackers to the sceen. Mrs Steyn sustained minor injuries and a group medic assisted the victim house.Thank you to the Crocodile Community Protection Group's Task force and trackers you are a great and caring group.Salute!!