January 28, 2016

#ATTACK: Survived: hand severed in machete-attack: Cape Town student Zander Vermeulen 23 Jan 2016 Claremont WC

Survived: Cape Town university student Zander Vermeulen's hand cut off in machete-attack by two coloured men: apparently nothing robbed: Claremont, WC: 23 Jan 2016

His roommate Tayler Sani issued a call to people who'd seen anything to come forward: "On the 23rd of January at 3am, my roommate Zander Vermeulen was attacked walking home from a club in Claremont - Cape Town.

He had just walked a friend home, and was heading up Bowwood Road, to our apartment in Foyle Road.
He was stopped by a small silver car coming from the opposite direction, and was asked for directions by the two colored men inside.
While walking away from the car, one man excited the vehicle carrying a panga machete, and began to chase Zander.
While running away, Zander was struck on the back of his head with the panga, and tripped.
Trying to protect himself, he raised his arm up, and his hand was subsequently severed.

He ran, holding his hand, back down Bowwood road, and the attackers fled.

Zander then managed to reach our apartment, bleeding profusely and cried out for help.

A friend, Blake Greenwood, and I were able to get Zander to the hospital in time. He had lost a lot of blood and he is truly very lucky to be alive. The outcome could have been very different.

The doctors have re-attached Zander's hand and have placed 16 staples in his head. He is making steady progress but he has a very long road ahead in terms of reaching full recovery.

If anyone believes they have any information about this brutal attack, please come forward. Your help may be crucial in stopping these barbaric human beings. The case is registered with the Claremont Police station, so anyone with any information can either contact me or go straight through to the station. It is believed that this particular attack was a gang initiation, but there have been a disturbing number of other acts of violence to have happened just out of range of the main road of clubs in Claremont, where hundreds of students pool to every Thursday and Saturday.
In and amongst the chaos, we recognize that we have a social responsibility to raise awareness of this. Our concern is not only Zander and catching the people who did this to him, but also the safety of the students and families in and around this area. This easily could have been anyone else. Before seeing Zander, his attackers were headed to the main road, by Tiger Tiger and Tin Roof, where many were still out.
If I could ask that people share this post, especially with anyone with a sister, brother, son, daughter, family member or friend either residing or going out in the area, as occurrences such as these are not isolated. If we don't, then many will continue to take that seemingly harmless 5 minute walk home, or the trip just down the road from the clubs to the McDonalds, and in reality it could cost them their life. It almost cost Zander his.

Contact Tayler Sani via her facebook page :

■ https://www.facebook.com/tayler.sani/posts/920144448033680?fref=nf 

■ Third rape puts UCT on edge

Cape Town - Three suspects have been taken in for questioning following the recent attacks on women in the vicinity of Rhodes Memorial – the latest of which was reported on Monday afternoon.
It is believed that in the latest incident, the attacker assaulted the woman before attempting to rape her in the vicinity of Mostert’s Mill.
UCT vice-chancellor Dr Max Price, Captain Delven Matroos of the Mowbray police station and executive director for communication and marketing at UCT Gerda Kruger at the scene. Picture: Michael Hammond, UC. Credit: michael hammond UCT
While police have refused to be drawn on the matter, a source within the police has told the Cape Argus the possibility of the attacks being the work of a serial rapist had not been ruled out.
Three incidents have been reported since December 11, with Gerda Kruger, UCT’s executive director of the communication and marketing department, saying at the weekend: “These incidents have some similarities in terms of the modus operandi involved in the attacks.
“While it is too early to say at this stage, it may be possible that the same perpetrator is responsible.”