January 26, 2016

#ATTACK Afrikaner businessman, Lodewyk Van Rooyen robbed in parked car

“People need to be very alert, Vryheid is not the same old town we used to know,”
The Vryheid CBD is becoming a crime hot spot and no-one is safe, warns a businessman who was robbed by two black attackers this week

Lodewyk Van Rooyen said he was travelling with his driver, Jan, on Wednesday and they parked near the Bloemnel Centre entrance in High Street as Jan needed to go to FNB.

“He quickly walked there while I stayed in the car. I did not lock the doors because Vryheid is home and I have always felt safe here. There were many people around me,” said Mr Van Rooyen.

Two young black attackers suddenly approached from each side of the car and opened the passenger side door and the driver’s door simultaneously.

“One of them showed me his phone and asked if I could set the time for him while the other started fiddling with the papers and other things that were in the driver’s console,” Mr Van Rooyen recalled.

Unfortunately, among these things was Mr Van Rooyen’s purse, which contained R1500.

“As soon as he got hold of the purse they made a run for it and vanished into Bloemnel Centre,” he said.

Mr Van Rooyen said that having been robbed three times before this, he has learned to be very calm in these situations and to cooperate.

He went on to say that he was hoping that this would serve as a warning for other locals that they should lock their car doors at all times even when they are waiting for someone in the car.

“People need to be very alert, Vryheid is not the same old town we used to know,” he said.