January 13, 2016

ANCYL to visit Zimbabwe over land reform research

This is not good at all!! I see 2016 as the final failure! God Help Us!

ANC Youth League President Collen Maine said the youth wing will be visiting Zimbabwe to research that country’s land reform programme because the South African government has been too slow to redistribute land to black people.

#WhiteGenocide #StopWhiteGenocideInSA

It comes as President Jacob Zuma said government has to come up with “instruments” to fast-track land reform.

Maine said Zimbabwe is one of several previously colonised countries the league intends visiting.

He said black people deserve to get their land back.

Around 4,000 white-owned farms were invaded during sweeping land grabs in Zimbabwe which began 15 years ago.

That country has since experienced an economic meltdown. http://boerentrepreneur.com/south-africa/news/ancyl-to-visit-zim-over-land-reform-research/


"There are no “first people” any more. The ‘first people of South Africa’ are long extinct"   Zulu’s stole other black’s lands and drove others of their land

Do Not Forget, Blacks Stole The Land Too

The old communist lie that "Whites own 80% of the land" in South Africa is endlessly perpetuated, despite the Chief Surveyor-General confirming that “there is no basis” for the claim. Add the fact that Black African Bantu were not the original inhabitants of Southern Africa and thus arguably "stole" far more land than Whites, and the truth finally begins to emerge...