January 2, 2016

Ambulance hijackers still at large in South Africa

Two hijackers who held paramedics at gunpoint and stole an ambulance in Tembisa were still at large on Friday, the Gauteng Health Department said

Johannesburg - The hijacking occurred on Thursday morning, when provincial emergency services attended to a call for help in Tembisa, spokesperson Steve Mabona said.
"While the paramedics were attending to a patient, two young men approached the paramedics, pointing a firearm and demanding the ambulance keys. The hijackers managed to drive off with the ambulance."
Neither the patient nor the paramedics were injured, but counselling had been provided.
The thieves abandoned the ambulance after they crashed it into a house nearby.
The ambulance was from a new fleet unveiled on December 6. Mabona expressed outrage at the crime.
"Why would you hijack an ambulance?" he asked.
Police urged anyone with information about the hijackers to contact them.