December 27, 2015

#Missing: Afrikaner James Oosthuizen (20) was last seen on the 08 December 2015:

He was last seen wearing a navy blue and white Golf T-Shirt, black and brown shorts. He weighs 90kg and is 1.6m tall. Anyone with more information please contact Kraaifontein SAPS or Missing Children SA

200 of the 265 missing children in 2015 remain missing: twelve were found dead:
Missing Children South Africa
--- "Children are disappearing at alarming rate in South Africa" - most (112 missing, 79 found) were in Gauteng/Transvaal province.
23 December 2015, reporter: Louise Flanagan, The Star.
Johannesburg - One in four of the children who disappeared last year in South Africa remains missing.
From December 1, 2014 to the end of last month, 265 children were reported missing to the NGO Missing Children South Africa.
Only 200 of them were ever found and 12 of those children were found dead (6%).
“Our case load increases every year - not only because more individuals go missing, but also because more people become aware of Missing Children South Africa and the service we render,” said Rose MacKinnon, the national co-ordinator for Missing Children South Africa.
These are only the cases reported to the NGO; more cases are also reported to the police.
“According to the Missing Persons Bureau, a child goes missing every five hours in our country. In 2013, they recorded 1 697 cases of missing children reported to the police,” said MacKinnon.
Most of the cases reported to Missing Children South Africa were in Gauteng.
In Gauteng, 112 children were reported missing. Of these, 79 were found.
In the Western Cape, 107 children were reported missing and 92 were found.
In the Eastern Cape, 14 were reported missing and 10 were found.
In Limpopo, 11 were reported missing and four were found.
In KwaZulu-Natal, nine children were reported missing and four were found.
In Mpumalanga, five were reported missing and four were found.
In the Free State, four were reported missing and all four were found.
In North West, three were reported missing and all three were found.
There were no reports from the Northern Cape.
General Enquiries: info@missingchildren.org.za 0219501546 Emergencies (call / sms): 072MISSING0726477464
MISSING December 24 at 10:29am · James Oosthuizen (20) was last seen on the 08 December 2015. He was last seen wearing a navy blue and white Golf T-Shirt, black and brown shorts. He weighs 90kg and is 1.6m tall. Anyone with more information please contact Kraaifontein SAPS or Missing Children SA

In addition, 396 adults were reported missing, of whom 252 were found, with 34 found dead.
“For the children’s cases alone, our success rate is 75 percent,” said MacKinnon.
“It is an unfortunate reality that 6 percent of the children found again were found dead.
“Every year, we see the success rate decrease - we cannot say for a fact that it is because fewer children are found again, or perhaps because more cases are reported to our organisation.”
Missing Children South Africa estimated that about 42 percent of the children who disappeared were runaways, while 2 percent were due to kidnappings and about 3 percent were abductions by relatives.
More than half were listed as “general (reasons unknown)”.
About 68 percent of the missing children were teenagers aged 13 to 17, about 18 percent were aged between seven and 12, and the remaining 14 percent were aged up to six years.
The worst month for disappearances was April this year, when 90 cases were reported, compared with April last year when 35 cases were reported.
This is what Missing Children South Africa recommends when a person disappears:
* The disappearance can be reported immediately, particularly for a child. There is no waiting period for reporting a person missing to the nearest police station. Should you report a person to the police station and the police officer tells you to come back after 24 hours, demand to speak to the station commander. Alternatively, contact Missing Children SA and the organisation will intervene and assist wherever possible.
* When reporting a person missing to the police station, the following information will be required:
* A recent photograph of the missing person;
* The missing person’s full name and age;
* The person’s description, including eye colour, hair colour and style, height, weight, distinctive marks (like scars or birthmarks), and description of the clothes the person was wearing;
* Details of where the person was last seen.
Missing Children SA has an informal document that serves as a guideline to parents “We call it the Interim ID Kit. It can be downloaded from our website the organisation said.
Missing Children SA is an NGO based in the Western Cape but operating nationally.
They can be contacted through their website www.missingchildren.org.za or on the general enquiries number 021 950 1546. The emergency number is 072 MISSING or 072 647 7464.
Missing Children helps authorities when people are reported missing, and works with the SAPS.
“Our first tier is that of an emergency response service. We have a national helpline for incident reports, and callers are advised on which steps to take in logging the incident so as to ensure efficient and timeous action,” said Missing Children.
“Secondly, by activating a vast national social and media network, we distribute flyers of missing children, creating mass awareness of the individual and maximising chances of that child being recovered.
“Lastly, we strive to educate parents/guardians and children on the dangers of abduction, human trafficking etc.”
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