November 8, 2015

#MURDER: Update: The murder trial for the four black killers arrested for the murder of metro-policeman Marthinus Bann 64

Martiens Bann trial: CPF stands together to oppose bail

PROTESTERS outside Kempton Park Magistrate's Court at the suspects' first court appearance.
PROTESTERS outside Kempton Park Magistrate's Court at the suspects' first court appearance.
SEBENZA Community Police Forum (CPF) under Tembisa Cluster is calling on residents to come together and continue the fight to oppose bail of the four suspects arrested for the murder of metro police officer Martiens Bann.

The next court appearance of Paul Manyathela (23), Clement Mosweu (26), Lebogang Mdebele (24) and Bheki Nkosi (25) is on Tuesday, December 1, in regional court 2 at Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court.

The suspects are allegedly responsible for taking the life of Bann on Saturday, July 11, as he attempted to assist his neighbours during a house robbery.

At the time of the arrests, the police forum drew up a petition to oppose bail and have so far collected 600 signatures. This is according to Sebenza SAPS CPF chairman, Andrew Mosesi.

Mosesi is calling on the community to attend every court appearance.

“We have managed to keep them in jail this far. We need to put pressure and make sure they never come out, not even on parole. We need to take action. This is not an easy task. It is a ‘long walk to freedom’ for our communities,” explained Mosesi.

Mosesi said pressure from the community had pushed two previous lawyers of the suspects to withdraw from the case and the suspects had since remained in custody.

“All four suspects were going to be represented by state attorneys until recently when two of them secured the services of yet another private lawyer. Officer Bann would have been on retirement after serving the police/EMPD for four decades.

“We need the community to protest and in that way highlight the seriousness of the case at hand. We want government to know that communities are ‘gatvol’ with crime,” he pointed out.

Mosesi said they wanted to send a strong message to criminals that if you touch one community member, you touch the entire community. “We want them not to grant bail to criminals arrested for murder. They shouldn’t qualify for bail ever,” he added.

Mosesi said in his view, when the community is silent, the suspects and legal representatives don’t see reasons to be scared of losing the case. “We all know that if they bring a bail application they will get bail unless we stand up as a community to oppose bail.

“We are following this case passionately and very closely. We need to mobilise communities and anti-crime groups through electronic petitions to oppose bail. We will also need to petition (to withdraw from case) any attorney who tries to represent any of the four suspects.”

He pointed out that it was very important that the community never lost momentum and hope.

“I’m sure we are all aware by now what it takes for parliament and the president to start discussing #FeesMustFall #FreeEducation. We too must take it to the streets and courts that #CriminalsMustFall,” he highlighted.

Mosesi said the problem of crime could only be resolved by the community. He urged people to come to each court appearance.

“The new lawyer representing two of the suspects has indicated that he might bring up a bail application, we must oppose bail.”

Petition forms are available at Norkem Park, Kempton Park and Sebenza police stations. http://kemptonexpress.co.za/93370/martiens-bann-trial-cpf-stands-together-to-oppose-bail/

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