September 25, 2015

Kidnapped' SA Afrikaner man, Daniel Janse van Rensburg fears for his life in Equatorial Guinea

Daniel Janse van Rensburg

Hostage now in hiding

NATIONAL NEWS - Despite being armed with documentation from the Equatorial Guinea (EG) Minister of Justice stating that Hoekwil resident Daniel Janse van Rensburg had no pending criminal charges against him and is free to leave the country, Van Rensburg has been stopped from leaving the country once again.

Van Rensburg told how he and staff members from the SA embassy in EG were heading towards the customs desk at the airport when eight armed men suddenly appeared behind him. One of them asked him to accompany him to a "small room"

A South African taking refuge at the country’s embassy in Equatorial Guinea has told Eyewitness News he fears for his life because a local businessman is preventing him from leaving the country. 

Daniel Janse van Rensburg has been held captive in that country for two years, having been in and out of prison, including the infamous Black Beach prison, after a failed business deal with the city’s former mayor.

After obtaining all the required documentation he was scheduled to fly yesterday, but was confronted at the airport and prevented from leaving. 

Van Rensburg says he has obtained clearance from the highest authority to leave Equatorial Guinea. 

“The chief justice here gave a letter to the embassy stating that there was no problem and that I can leave the country.”

But he says he fled from the airport with embassy officials when confronted by former mayor Gabriel Mba Angabie’s henchmen. 

“I’m hiding at the embassy and I’m told I can’t go out and that there are people looking for me. I fear for my life.”