September 29, 2015

#ATTACK: Young Afrikaner couple, with their small children attacked by blacks in Rangeview home

Marizanne Griesel is frightened to return to her home.
Marizanne Griesel is frightened to return to her home.

Black attackers attack a young family in Rangeview. One arrest has been made

The Sector 7 Community Policing Forum (CPF) responded to a distress call at around 7.20am this morning  about an attempted armed robbery in Rangeview.

A young couple, with their small children, was shocked when they spotted two alleged armed robbers hiding in an outside room on their property.

“I think they were waiting for us to leave or they wanted to corner us when we were all outside,” Henning Griesel, 33, told the News.

When Henning went outside to take out the trash, he made eye contact with two men hiding behind the rubbish bin inside a small outside room. Henning’s five-year-old daughter was behind him, so he immediately led her back into the house.

“I wanted to get her inside the house with her mother and two-year-old brother as soon as I could,” he said.

Marizanne Griesel, 30, said she heard her husband screaming she should keep the children safe because he saw someone on their property.

Henning, thinking fast grabbed his paintball gun and marched outside to where the men were hiding. He pointed the gun at them, only to find a gun being pointed back at him.

“I screamed at them ‘What are you dong here?’ and one of them slapped the paintball gun out of my hand. Both of them then made a run for it,” Henning said.

Henning Griesel was brave for his family. Police, Dowry Security and CPF are on scene at the back.

The men knocked over the dustbin and jumped over the wall towards the construction site next to their property.

Marizanne, telling her curious children their father simply was chasing away big dogs, then phoned Sector 7 CPF who, according to her, showed up at their home in less than five minutes.

Soon after the police’s Trio Task Team and Dowry Security were also on scene where they searched for the suspects. They found one man close to the family’s home with a weapon on his person and arrested him. They investigated the scene and found a backpack belonging to the suspects with a credit card inside, among other items.

Marizanne told the News she was frightened to take her children, who were at school at the time of the interview, back home.

At the scene, these items were discovered:

Gun found near the house

The gun that was pointed at Henning Griesel