September 25, 2015

#ATTACK: Update: Afrikaner, Corbin Geldenhuys (24) has miraculously survived being shot three times during a home invasion in Arboretum

Corbin – how I survived the day I was shot
Corbin Geldenhuys (24) has miraculously survived being shot three times during a house robbery at his Arboretum home

CORBIN Geldenhuys very nearly paid with his life for a laptop, a purse and a cell phone.

Speaking from his bed at Netcare The Bay Hospital, 24-year-old Corbin Geldenhuys recounted the moments that led up to him being shot three times during a house robbery in Arboretum on Saturday morning.

‘It was just before 4am. We were packing the car to head off to Pretoria for a wedding,’ he said.

Corbin was in the bedroom of the Arboretum flat he shares with girlfriend Mart-Mari Beer, when he heard her scream, and immediately sped out of the room to help her.

‘As I came around the corner, I literally ran straight into the guy.

‘A struggle ensued. I did not even realise he had a gun until I put my hand on it.’

During the struggle the robber fired four shots. One smashed through his right hand, entering his head at the temple and exiting just below the cheek.

Another went through his shoulder, while the third ripped through his abdomen, both lungs, and came to a stop just below his right lung, where it will remain for the time being.

Miraculously, all three bullets missed arteries and vital organs by millimetres.

‘I didn’t even hear the shots go off, or feel the bullets.

‘I kept talking to myself and to God, fighting to keep my eyes open, fighting to stay alive.’

Fight for life

The robber meanwhile marched into the room, grabbing Mart-Mari’s laptop, purse and cell phone before fleeing.

‘Waiting for the ambulance felt like a lifetime,’ said Corbin.

Corbin was rushed to hospital where doctors fought to keep him alive.

‘I was conscious the entire time. When they took me to theatre, I noticed the nurse was crying. I was a little worried at that stage.’

He spent three days in ICU before being moved to a general ward.

‘I am in a lot of pain, but very glad I am still alive.

‘Healing will be a long process. I just hope they let me through the airports,’ he laughed.

‘On the plus side, I didn’t have to watch the Boks lose.’


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