September 22, 2015

#ATTACK: Paul Knight, was assaulted and held at gunpoint at home in Helikonpark

Paul Knight, who was assaulted and held at gunpoint.

On 21 September a resident of Helikonpark was held by knife-point by a suspect while the other two robbed his home in Hammerkop street.

Paul Knight, which has been staying in Randfontein for 32 years, said it was about 12:55pm when the incident occurred. He was on the way to watch the news when a man then grabbed him from behind, pushed him to the floor and held a knife to his throat. The black attacker then told him if he moves or tries pushing any panic buttons, he will slit his throat.

He suspect then pulled a blanket over his head, so that they can not be identified. The other two robbers then took the safe which had to be broken out and they also took the television. When they were ready to leave they hit him in the face with the metal part of a pickax. They then left and went to their car where another suspect was waiting for them in the car.

Knight then pushed the panic button afterwhich EPR and CPF Sector 4 shortly arrived on the scene. Knight’s son, William is a part of the CPF and when he was driving to his father’s house, he met the police, who were also on their way to the scene.

Knight explained that the suspects was wearing balaclavas and gloves during the incident. He said one of the suspects spoke very good English and that the whole robbery spanned over five minutes.

He said, “They broke my gate open using a pickax and left the house in disarray. Coffee tables and the bedroom were left in shambles.”

The safe they took contained their British passports. Knight says EPR, CPF Sector 4 and the Randfontein Police responded promptly. He also said that there were seven policeman on the scene and that they were very thorough. He mentions Captain van den Heever, who handled the incident very well.

The domestic worker who was working at the neighbours house saw the four men leaving in a white Golf.

He further mentions, “I find it worrying that this street gets targeted often as he had a housebreaking only four months ago. It further concerns me that while I can afford to change locks and deal with the damage caused by these robbers other pensioners out there would not be able to carry the financial burden caused by a house robbery.”

Knight, who use to be in the Navy for twelve years and traveled around the world twice over said this incident will not get him down in any way. 

Knight and his son William Knight would like to thank EPR, CPF Sector 4 and the Randfontein Police for their outstanding service and support.

Captain Appel Ernst, Spokesperson for the Randfontein Police station, confirmed this house robbery and said it is under further investigation. http://randfonteinherald.co.za/196708/resident-held-at-knife-point-by-suspects/