September 25, 2015

#ATTACK: Jacques Nicholson (32) was attacked at a local mall while a nearby black security guard allegedly simply watched the event unfold

Mall security watches as man is robbed

Last night (24 September), allegedly in the presence of a security guard, 32-year-old Jacques Nicholson was robbed in a local shopping mall’s parking area.
At around 8pm, Jacques was robbed of his cellphone, tablet, GPS and R400 allegedly in Cradlestone Mall’s parking lot. According to his sister, Illse-marie Nel, who posted the news on the Facebook page Krugersdorp Network Community, a nearby security guard simply watched the whole ordeal without moving a muscle.
According to his father, he parked his car close to entrance 4 on the top level, climbed out and as he wanted to lock it, three men suddenly sprang out of the dark and grabbed him by his arms and pushed him onto the car’s bonnet.
“One of the men climbed into the car and took his GPS and tablet. Another then went to the back of the car to take a photo of the scene with his own cellphone,” his father told the News.
Jacques explained he felt them press something against his neck, but because it was so dark he could not see if it was a weapon.
After taking what they wanted, the alleged robbers then fled leaving Jacques and his empty wallet to drive home.
The family has in the mean time opened a case of robbery at the Muldersdift police station.
Cradlestone Mall’s Centre Management is also currently investigating the incident.