September 25, 2015

#ATTACK: #Afrikaner youth Adriaan Swanepoel 19: found bleeding by dad in veld: was stabbed by 4 blacks

Survived: Afrikaner youth Adriaan Swanepoel, 19, stabbed by 4 blacks and left in veld, bleeding: Bethlehem, fS
26Sept2015 - Elsabe Swanepoel Engels writes: "My brother's son Adriaan Swanepoel, 19, was attacked on 26 september 2015 at 5am in Bethlehem in the Free State by four black knifemen, cut, kicked and dragged off his bike.
My brother found his son an hour later in the veld where the thugs just left him, bleeding. Hours later and the police have yet to arrive.
I can't upload the pictures showing what he looks like. My brother and sister-in-law are caring for his wounds themselves because
the hospital merely stitched him up and sent him home. What is happening to our country. We aren't safe....
She posted three pictures on her facebook page and wrote: "My brother's 19-yo son was attacked by four black males, stabbed with a knife, beaten and kicked in Bethlehem, Free State. His bike was robbed and he was left next to the road. His father found him an hour later. The police and ambulance did not help and neighbours helped them get the youth to hospital, where they had sewn up his wounds and sent him home. His mom and dad are now looking after him:. (Elsabe Swanepoel Engels wrote on FB 26 Sept 2015)


#ATTACK: Survives: Afrikaner couple was attacked and wounded. The husband stabbed by 3 black attackers in their Noordheuwel home in Krugersdorp


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