September 27, 2015

#ATTACK: Afrikaner elderly couple attacked by 3 black attackers armed with fireplace poker. Pensioner fights back with coffee table

Police did not respond to call
The coffee table Annie Roux attacked the robbers with.

The coffee table Annie Roux attacked the robbers with.
Criminals will have to think twice before taking on Annie Roux (58) from Helderkruin, who used a coffee table to defend herself against three armed house robbers on Saturday.

Although they survived the attempted robbery she is not impressed with Roodepoort Police after they never responded to her calls following the incident.

According to Roux, her husband Danie (70) was sleeping in his chair in the television room while she sat by him knitting when suddenly at about 3.50pm two suspects came through the front door. One of them was armed with a fireplace poker and immediately went on the attack. He tried to stab Mr. Roux but narrowly missed. The second suspect pretended to be armed with a firearm by pointing is finger through his jacket. Mrs. Roux then grabbed a coffee table and started hitting the suspect, who was in a scuffle with her husband, over the head. She split his head open and then started hitting the second suspect over the head as well.

A third suspect appeared from the kitchen and when he tried to climb over a sofa she directed her wrath at him. Her attack left the third suspect also severely bleed. The three bleeding men then fled.

Her son who was outside unaware of the drama in the house came in and immediately phoned the police. Meanwhile the neighbours also phoned the police. Mrs. Roux phoned the police numerous times again and although they kept on assuring her they “will be there in five minutes”, they never arrived.

By Monday morning, regardless of numerous more calls they still have not been to the Roux’s house.

The Roodepoort Police was not available for comment.