March 29, 2016

Parent’s worst nightmare as son, 6, abducted, from front garden

A PORT Elizabeth mother described every parent’s worst nightmare yesterday when she told how her son was abducted from their home on Sunday.

Luckily the ordeal ended quickly with her son being found unharmed – next to one of the city’s busiest roads.

Now the boy’s mother wants to warn other parents to always be vigilant. “The whole thing lasted about 35 minutes, but it felt like a lifetime.”

Her son, 6, was playing in their walled front garden while she was inside tidying the house in Mangold Park.

At about 5.45pm she called him but there was no answer.

“When I could not find him I knew something was terribly wrong.”

She said her son told her a stranger had grabbed him and ran off with him.

Her husband arrived home from the gym a few minutes later, and by that time she had already called the police and their neighbourhood watch. Within 15 minutes dozens of people were searching the suburb.

Some time after 6pm she received a call from a woman who had found her son about 1km from their home. He was alone, scared and confused next to the William Moffett Expressway. Luckily he knew his phone number. How the abductor got into their yard, and left again, is still a mystery.

A case of child abduction was reported to the Walmer police and the exact motive is being investigated