March 30, 2016

#LandGrabsInSA: Watch "Expropriation Bill: When will it be passed?"

AfriBusiness Spokesperson Stefan Pieterse interviewed Prof Rabelani Dagada, Policy Fellow of the South African Institute of Race Relations



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Feb 23, 2016 - Dr. Groenewald said during the second reading debate on theExpropriation Bill in Parliament that the ...
Mar 4, 2015 - The ExpropriationBill is back, and it is just as unconstitutional as its predecessors of 2008 and 2013.

New Expropriation Bill is out – and it's still unconstitutional ...

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The Expropriation Bill of 2015 has finally been released by the Department of Public Works. The minister, Thulas Nxesi, ...

Expropriation Bill: How you could lose your land - NEWS ...

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May 5, 2015 - The ExpropriationBill of 2015 (the Bill) will allow 'a decisive shift away from ... But how many know how the Bill would work in practice, or what its wider ramifications are likely to be?

Ronald Lamola, deputy president of the ANC Youth League, in a speech at the Durban University of Technology called for the expropriation of white land without compensation. 

“We need an act as forceful as war to bring it back to the Africans,” Lamola said. 

(Ronald Lamola, current president of the ANC youth league, continues to outshine his predecessor by stepping up hate speech against Afrikaners. Lamola claimed the land reform policy needed a forceful act of war and told his followers that it was an illusion to believe whites would hand over the land peacefully. Afriform, a South African civil-rights organization, has filed a complaint against Lamola for the use of hate speech.)


It was a few hours after Lamola called for war that a 77-year-old farmer was murdered in Limpopo province. An American tourist found the deceased farmer and his critically injured wife.
The government denies genocidal intentions although the South African Communist Party remains more open about the intent to drive whites out of the country. According to their report, whites are unwelcome settler colonialists with no role in the future.
■ The truth is that far from protecting us, the Bill sways dangerously in the favour of Government. Basically, it means that any member of state can take what they want, when they want it, as long as it sits in the camps of ‘for public purposes’ or ‘in public interest’ – as defined by.. well, the government.