March 30, 2016

Land-grab campaign: Port Elizabeth, Colchester residents torched bushes 28 March 2016 - demanding a 62-hectare land site

The residents want the land owned by the Sundays River Housing Trust to build houses for themselves.
About 200 shack dwellers from Ndlovu, armed with spades, hammers and placards. started numerous fires on the 62 hectares of land. . .

Colchester Landless Crisis Committee chairman Kevin Foster said: “We have now decided to occupy specific parcels of land until our demand is met . . . our plight is terrible.”Their demand is for the government to intervene and give residents the land. Lifelong Colchester resident Godfrey Jacobs, 30, said they were fed up with the lack of interest shown by the local government.“We have had enough of the empty promises. We just want what has been taken away from us. All the land which was supposed to be ours is being bought by white buyers and we are being pushed out,” he said.Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality spokesman Kupido Baron said: “We will get more details about the protest and come back with answers.”The land owners could not be reached for comment.
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