March 31, 2016

#ATTACK: Afrikaner woman loses her teeth while fighting attackers in Randgate on Monday

Woman loses her teeth while fighting robbers
Brits shows how the suspect pointed a gun at her.

Maude Brits, 61, from Klein Elandsvlei, says she came face-to-face with the armed suspects, one  of them was pointing a gun at her in Randgate

Brits says she went to the retail store at about 9.10am when she saw a man standing at the entrance, looking at her in a strange way.

When she entered the store, she saw two more suspects standing at the till. She also noticed there was no one else visible in the store.

“The next moment one of the suspects came down the isle pointing a gun at me. I screamed as hard as I could. The suspect then muffled my mouth with his hand.

He walked away but then came back again pointing a gun at me. I screamed again, where he then tried to grab my wallet.

“He then walked away, where I then quickly hid my wallet. When he came at me again, I yelled out of anger ‘Come’ where I then grabbed his hand and bit his finger as hard as I possibly could. I bit him so hard that my false teeth fell out.